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New Music Friday? Count Us In!

New Music Friday? Count Us In!

Friday’s used to just mean the end of the week, but now we get to wrap up the best of the week in music with you guys! We’d call that a significant win! This week has had no lack of incredible tracks put out, spanning all genres and tones. We can’t wait to dive into all this new music!

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Tassia Zappia – ‘When I Was Four’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘When I Was Four’ here!

If a track involves nostalgia in any way, you know we will eat it up. Tassia Zappia truly blew us away with the honesty in these lyrics. She really paints a clear picture. We all have such big dreams when we’re a kid, and it’s this crushing blow to be an adult and look back and know that kid would be disappointed in the life you’re living.

And yes, we caught the Hilary Duff line. We also thought she had it all.

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The Post Romantics – ‘LEFT4DEAD!’
Image Source: Courtesy of The Post Romantics

Stream ‘LEFT4DEAD!’ here!

Being the alt-pop stans that we are, we are overly obsessed with this track. ‘LEFT4DEAD!’ fits perfectly into the modern alt-pop scene. We can totally see this track sitting pretty on the radio rotation and Billboard charts. We’re going to need anyone looking for new music to check this track and really the entire eden EP out immediately.

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Kadence – ‘Sign Me Up’
Image Source: Fearless PR

This pop track sounds straight out of another era of music. It sounds almost 70s, disco-inspired. It’s such a unique track that we were so impressed with. There’s a part about halfway through that really comes out of the left field and switches up the sound drastically. We’re so glad we got introduced to this new music!

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Gang Of Four – The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill And Gang of Four
Image Source: Damien Hirst

Stream: The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill And Gang of Four here!

What a unique album! Truly the concept of having an album with so many different artists interpreting a band’s songs is genius. It will make for an excellent listen for both long-time fans and any fans just looking to listen to new music.

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Ginesse – ‘Gatorade’
Image Source: averagecowgirl on Instagram

Stream ‘Gatorade’ here!

‘Gatorade’ might just be our new favorite track. We don’t know how we lived with Ginesse music in our lives, but we don’t have to suffer any longer from now on. So if you need us at any time in the next month, you can safely assume we’re in our rooms with this at max volume.

Cavetown – Man’s Best Friend
Image Source: Lauren Doughty

Stream Man’s Best Friend here!

It’s official. We’re in love with Cavetown. This entire EP exceeded all expectations we had. Our favorite track is ‘Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me;’ it’s a knock-out. It’s always so impressive seeing an artist whose vocal abilities and songwriting abilities are entirely on a level playing field, and both spectacular.

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Weathers – ‘Rehab’
Image Source: mjnaude on Instagram

Stream ‘Rehab’ here!

If you’re not already obsessed with Weathers, their new music will change your mind. ‘Rehab’ is one of our top tracks of the year so far, and that’s saying a lot! We’re always looking for new alt-rock music, and this fits the bill perfectly. Weathers is heading on tour soon, and we have to hear this track live!

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Royal & the Serpent – searching for nirvana
Image Source: Conner Sorensen

Stream searching for nirvana here!

New music in the form of a whole EP to enjoy? Say no more! Every single track on searching for nirvana is unique and makes perfect sense sonically. Our favorite track is a tie between ‘phuck u’ and ‘freak flag.’ Both are just beyond stellar!

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bülow – ‘Revolver’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘Revolver’ here!

We’ve been huge fans of bülow since hearing her track ‘First Place,’ ‘Revolver’ just cemented us being life-long stans. She’s the whole real deal. From songwriting skills to vocals to the ability to make the absolute best pop music, bülow is the moment.

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Valerie Broussard – ‘Iris’
Image Source: Stef Ferra

Stream ‘Iris’ here!

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‘Iris’ is one of the greatest songs of all time, period. We’ve cried to this song so many times. This listen through was no different. Valerie sounds stunning singing the track, and it fits her voice perfectly. Now excuse us while we go listen and cry for the rest of the night.

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Michael Mayo – Bones
Image Source: Shervin Lainez

Stream Bones here!

Wow! What an incredible debut solo project! It’s not often you see someone so polished and in control of their voice and tone on a debut project. From one listen through you can tell Michael Mayo will be a name we hear for years and years. And thank god for that!

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A7S – ‘Nirvana’
Image Source: A7S via Instagram

Stream ‘Nirvana’ here!

All of our EDM dreams have come true with ‘Nirvana.’ We can’t picture a time in the future we won’t be blasting this song, especially when it’s time for a night out. It’s perfectly made for somewhere like EDC or Life is Beautiful. Just a damn good time.

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Mae Muller X Billen Ted – ‘When You’re Out’
Image Source: Listen Up

Stream ‘When You’re Out’ here!

Here we have more EDM perfection! Mae Muller and Billen Ted collaborating is a match made in heaven. Going into summer, this track is exactly the vibe we’re looking for! Hot girl summer will officially be in full swing with this track blasting.

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We would love to hear from you guys! What new music are you loving? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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