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Oh No, Not A Tour! – Except We’re Excited That It’s An Alexander 23 Tour

Oh No, Not A Tour! – Except We’re Excited That It’s An Alexander 23 Tour

Oh No, Not A Tour

One of the best parts of this year has been the resurgence of live music! As things begin to open up, slowly but surely, all over the world, concerts and tours are being rescheduled. Some artists, like All Time Low, are even adopting the “drive-in concert” model. It’s basically like a drive-in movie, but a concert! Other artists like Alexander 23 are prepping for a fall tour! We’re talking real-life, in-person live music! Alexander 23’s Oh No, Not A Tour kicks off in October and we can’t wait! We know the “Oh No” is a play on his latest EP, but we’re saying anything but oh no

Speaking of said EP, titled Oh No, Not Again!, you’ll probably want to check that out if you’re planning on attending the said tour. It’s a fantastic EP and we can’t wait to hear these songs live. That being said, we thought we’d give you an idea of some of the songs we would love to hear Alexander 23 perform live. We think Oh No, Not A Tour would benefit from any one of these tracks being on the setlist. 

‘Cry Over Boys’ 

This song went viral on TikTok last year and was one of the popular singles off of this EP, so we have a very strong feeling that we will be getting this one live, but it’s still making this list because it’s that good. Do we cry over boys we haven’t even met in real life? Yes. Yes, we do. Did we need to be called out like this? Not really, but Alexander 23 sounds so good doing it so we don’t even care. 

‘IDK You Yet’

Chances are you know this song, even if you don’t think you do. ‘IDK You Yet’ was one of the popular POV TikTok sounds going around last year and it has truly stood the test of time. We still get this one stuck in our heads long after the trend has faded and we have a feeling it would just sound so magical on the tour. 

‘Loving You Gets Hard’

Is this song incredibly emotional and gut-wrenching? 100%. That’s why we absolutely need to hear it live. This track rips out your heart and puts it back together all within its 4:04 duration. The track is all about sticking it through the rough patches of a relationship and dealing with everything that comes your way. Like we said, incredibly emotional and we just really need something that hits us in the feels, okay? We have no clue if it actually is a part of the setlist but we would love it if it was. 

‘Nothing’s The Same’ 

We’ve given this song some love before so you already know we were gonna include it. Also, how fun would it be if Alexander 23 brought Jeremy Zucker out for one of the Oh No, Not A Tour dates?

Honestly, we could list Alexander 23’s entire discography as part of our dream setlist if you asked us to keep going, so we’re just going to stop here. Make sure to grab your tickets for Oh No, Not A Tour ASAP! They go on sale June 4th at 10 am! You’re not going to want to miss out!

Alexander 23 is beyond talented and we just know that he’s going to kill it live. His vocals are amazing and we would very much like to experience them live. Oh, and did we mention that this is his first North American headling tour? That’s a pretty iconic tour to attend.  

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Anyway, we’re about to hop over and cop our Oh No, Not A Tour tickets right now, but let us know your thoughts and dream setlist tracks in the comments below! You can also find us over @thehoneypop on Twitter!

If you want more tour announcements and music news, well you’re in the right place, we’re always buzzing about something! 


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Alexander 23

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