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Dua Lipa Got Us In ‘Love Again!’

Dua Lipa Got Us In ‘Love Again!’

Here we have the freshly released music video of ‘Love Again’ from Dua Lipa’s famous album, Future Nostalgia (The moonlight edition) and there is nothing more her fans could ask for! After a long trail of break-up song videos, Dua has now entered the retro world of the ’90s and it is not just that. What makes it even more special is that it specifies the 90s of Texas! This songs sampling the 90’s cult classic ‘Your Woman’ by White Town makes a splendid dish for our summer feast!

Image Source: Paul Harris (photographer)

Dua has her boots on and is ready to fall in ‘Love Again,’ singing her 6th single from her sophomore album! It is clear that Dua has found new love when she wrote this song and she is all ready to explore it with her lover! Given the small twist of the imaginary game of sci-fi frames in this music video include rodeo clowns trying to catch a big egg and the singer herself riding an invisible bull (looks like she has mastered it)! There are a lot more details of this song that make it more special and weird at the same time. She dances with her cowboy mates singing about her love and how lucky she is to have found him at last. The weird part of this music video makes this song even more special as Dua has never tried anything of this sort in her previous songs and she is ready to saddle up and embrace her love life again!

We have seen her being a beautiful singer on the Titanic ship, as a woman falling out of love with her toxic relationship and even being the one running from commitment. But this gave a new touch and spirit to Dua’s fans as they might not have seen her as such a beautifully made woman in a cowboy suit, with her beautiful galore, cowboy hat and bow ties everywhere and she made us all go Yee-haw with no query in our minds!

Another interesting part of this mesmerizing music video is when Dua and her cowboy mates paint themselves as clowns! We can see Dua making the clowns face paint herself and at the end, she appears to be leaning on a man’s shoulder with the clown’s face paint over her face. What does that mean? We have asked ourselves that question a million times. Keeping aside the story and the happenings in this music video in mind, we knew that the clown’s face paint was an item of understanding that the singer was going to enter into the world of love like many others do and that she has finally moved on from her break-ups and found the perfect man for her! But we only hope she keeps making her catchy break-up songs to keep us alive and thriving along with her love songs!

Given her successful album and its songs being on everyone’s playlist, Dua proved again and again that she is a woman of class and her understanding of modern society by empowering women and give them strength and power to deal with such toxic relationships and hope to find ‘Love Again!’ And let’s admire this beauty and let her know that she is being helpful and powerful in doing what she is doing! Dua deserves all the love and all the Grammys!

Image Source: Daniel Sannwald (photographer)

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Feature Image Source: Dua Lip via ‘Love Again’ Official Music Video on YouTube.

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