A Lesson In Queen’s History: ‘We Will Rock You’

A Lesson In Queen’s History: ‘We Will Rock You’

How do you know you made it big? Your song becomes a staple in music history. Ask Queen and they’ll tell you all about how that happened with ‘We Will Rock You.’ From the moment the song was released, it became instantly recognizable to anyone on the planet. So, it was only fair that this iconic song would get a two-part episode of Queen The Greatest, right?

Part one dropped last week and was mainly about the history of the song. We get the history behind the lyrics we can all sing at a moment’s notice, the inspirations behind the “thump, thump, clap” we came to associate with the band, and what it means to Brian May. And to be honest, it makes us very happy to hear Brian talk about this song with so much love.

And this week, we got the second part, focusing on the iconic guitar solo at the end of the song. Clearly, Queen was never a band to go by the rules of others. For example, traditionally, guitar solos happen in the middle of the song, so naturally, May decided he wanted to end the song with a solo instead. We’re sure that all our fellow music nerds will appreciate the guitarist’s interview for Queen The Greatest about the creative process behind the song.

No one would ever be crazy to question that Queen are legends of rock. That’s a universal truth at this point, but seeing the history of the band, how some of their anthems came to be, and how the band members felt, that’s a whole different experience. We’re glad someone came up with the idea of celebrating their history with this series.

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Featured Image Source: Queen Productions Ltd.

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