4 Reasons Why We Love Måneskin

After 2 weeks of the European music contest finale, Eurovision, we have a slight problem, we can’t get enough of Måneskin! The Italian band won with a stunning score of 524 points, making this Italy’s third win in the contest. The mind-blowing band is conformed of lead vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio.

Instead of boasting about Eurovision as the annual followers we are, let’s talk about why we are here for, Måneskin. You can stream the award-winning song ‘ZITTI EBUONI’ now!

The Music

Måneskin has shown an amazing ability to develop their sound as they grow as artists. Their 2018 song ‘Torna a casa’ has vibes that are completely different from their newest songs, from ballad-like songs to pure rock. But this variety is what makes us more compelled to follow the band through thick and thin. Seriously, it only took one listen to their songs and we already knew we were in this deep. And let’s say we aren’t easily amazed if we love the music we do it sincerely. And Måneskin is a group that has made this whole music scene a lot more exciting. 

Damianos voice accompanied by his bandmates with the bass, guitar, and drums is a match made in heaven. Also, they are super young, their ages vary from 22 to 20 years, and they are already this accomplished and talented! Måneskin’s music is enough to make someone fall in love with them but it isn’t everything there is to them!

How they interact with each other

To put it simply, they are family. They’ve known each other for so many years now that they interact just like siblings. With the bickering and all. And it’s amazing to see their interactions as the fans we are since this generates this new sense of connection and relatability. That makes them so easy to follow and as we said… love.

Måneskin’s aesthetic

All of them are gorgeous! Beauty isn’t only about looks, it’s also about poise and charisma, and let’s just say they aren’t missing any of those. The moment they get onstage they turn into these charismatic and energetic beasts. But also the outfits they have worn, the amazing combination between amazing hair and killer clothing have us on the floor. They are killing it! (and by it we meant us, they are killing us.)

Image Source: Måneskin via Instagram

They are so dedicated

They are so full of passion and their story is so amazing, it’s not difficult for them to inspire us. For real, we want to learn Italian just so we can understand their lyrics and what they are saying without the help of a translator. The band started their career as buskers in Rome, later in 2017 they got more known with their appearance on X Factor Italia, where they won 2nd place! And after several years of hard work they are here, winners of Eurovision 2021 but also winners of our hearts.

Listen to their newest album Teatro d’ira- Vol.1 here!

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Featured Image Source: Måneskin via Youtube

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