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Get A ‘Sucker Punch’ From That Boy In Space

Get A ‘Sucker Punch’ From That Boy In Space

Boy In Space

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, if you aren’t stanning Boy In Space already, then you’re missing out on a lot of music and a lot of fun in life. Here, at The Honey Pop HQ, we absolutely love him, his music, and his style. We know we’ve already said this a gazillion times, but we will keep screaming until you decide to hear us out, lovely people!

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Boy In Space is the hidden gem that’s striving to carve a name out for himself in the industry. Just recently, he released his debut EP, Frontyard, and it’s everything we could’ve dreamed of. With heavy, introspective lyrical themes coated with enticing and alluring pop (with a capital P) sounds, it is indeed one of his most significant creative statements so far and was more than worth the wait.

For me, the FRONTYARD EP feels like a time machine. I really tried to go backward in time in a sense when it comes to influence and sound. It represents my musical core in the best way possible.

Boy In Space on Frontyard

Image Source: Boy In Space via Twitter

Boy In Space is definitely not someone you can put in a box, as his versatility shines in all of his endeavors. While having a firm grip on his distinct style, he explores his sonic horizons with his experimental edge in his solo projects and collaborations. He has shown remarkable growth and ability with his recent release that we bet it will only take you one listen before you realize that you are already diving deep.

His lyrical ability is phenomenal, penning down the lyrics that will speak to your heart which blend perfectly with beguiling melodies and mellifluous vocals that will keep echoing in our minds giving us a blissful experience. Frontyard is already reaching the milestone of five million streams and has garnered over 900,000 views in music videos, over 500,000 of which were for ‘Remember Me,’ which definitely accelerated his career.

So space cadets, are you ready to take the next trip to space with us?

Music Video

Our Swedish pop punch maker returned to his YouTube roots and recently shared the DIY style music video for his latest single, ‘Sucker Punch’ from Frontyard. The video gives off the old-school YouTube vlogging video vibes reminding us of our good ol’ vlogging days using our crappy phone cameras. Well, we liked it! Although the cameras can be crap, the music is definitely top-notch.

Thought I’d make a music video the old school YouTube way. With a sh*tty camera and stupid ideas!!

Boy In Space aka Robin Lundbäck on ‘Sucker Punch’ music video

The Sucker Punch video parodies the EP’s concept as the lyrics are about a near-universal experience. The video is fun with a comedic narrative. As soon as it begins with “Left a note with your brother/ He called me a motherf*cker” and we start laughing. But there’s a twist, spoiler alert: a trap for the big brother, towards the end, to blow your mind. To know the whole story, you will need to watch the video. We are not going to ruin your experience!

Image Source: GIPHY

We will leave you to enjoy the video, and don’t forget to stream and listen to Frontyard here!

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Boy In Space and his music certainly deserves more attention, and we will be hyping him up here at The Honey Pop and give all the recognition he deserves!

What do you think of the ‘Sucker Punch’ music video? Does Frontyard manage to take up well-deserved space on your playlist? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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Featured Image Source: Boy In Space via Twitter

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