Madison Beer Is Making Us Feel ‘Reckless’

Madison Beer Is Making Us Feel ‘Reckless’

It’s time to gush about one of our favorite artists, Madison Beer! She’s gone and blew us away once again with her latest track ‘Reckless!’ If ‘Reckless’ is a look into what we can expect out of the future projects from Madison Beer, we can hardly wait!

To celebrate the release of ‘Reckless,’ we wanted to break down the songs from her album Life Support that we haven’t been able to turn off! We’ve loved the entire album since the day it came out but these specific ones were a complete standout!

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We will forever and always love this song. It’s a complete anthem against boys that just want to play games. Madison Beer finds her self-worth in this track and makes it clear what she will and won’t put up with. This is the song we blast before a night out to remind us we are not about to put up with any ‘BOYSHIT.’

‘Follow The White Rabbit’

Who doesn’t automatically love any song that has a title inspired by Alice In Wonderland? We know we do! The haunting sound of this track has had us captured since the very first listen.

‘Stay Numb And Carry On’

Since our first runthrough of Life Support, we’ve been completely consumed by these lyrics. Lyrically, we do think this is the highest point on the record, even though the entire album is so well written. We’re still not over “Truth is it was never love, your fault if you thought it was.


An entire track about feeling like you belong in space? Feeling like being amongst the aliens is where you belong? Absolutely incredible. This otherworldly track is such a high point on the record that deserves all the love. Madison Beer was in her bag on this one.

‘Stained Glass’

This is our favorite track on Life Support. It’s so incredibly vulnerable and beautiful, and so soft. We will never be over the line “My skin is made of glass, but apparently it’s stained.” So stellar!

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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