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RM Blesses Us With ‘Bicycle’ For Festa! Here’s A Lookback On Some Of Our Favorite Songs As Gifts From BTS

RM Blesses Us With ‘Bicycle’ For Festa! Here’s A Lookback On Some Of Our Favorite Songs As Gifts From BTS

It’s Festa which means for two weeks BTS are blessing us with gifts every single day to honor their upcoming eight-year anniversary since they debuted and today RM gave us the gift of song in the shape of ‘Bicycle’ – we’re so ecstatic!

BTS RM Kim Namjoon drops Bicycle Fest 2021 The Honey POP Best BTS Free Songs
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The song is pure serenity fitting in the leader’s vibes and serves as the perfect soundtrack for when getting lost with nature, something ARMY has dubbed as “Namjooning.“ In an accompanying blog post, RM wrote his thoughts that coincide with the creation of the song and the meaning of the gift to ARMY.

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I’m always talking about bicycles. I wanted to make a song. It’s already been three years since Mono was released, and I’m tired of preparing for the next series without a promise. I decided to make a bike song with a good excuse of Festa and put it out at this time. I would be more than happy if you could hold it like a small gift and accept it. Every day is a good day. Let’s ride a bike if you’re sad! I’ll always be like that.”

RM on ‘Bicycle’

Excuse us while we go take a walk, bask in nature and sob over our love for RM and how it’s reciprocated.

BTS are such generous givers and have given a number of free songs for us to cherish. To celebrate the release of ‘Bicycle’ and Festa, we’re sharing some of our all-time favorite songs that the Bangtan boys have gifted us.

‘Still With You’

Last Festa, Jungkook delivered the beautiful ‘Still With You,’ a touching soft serenade for ARMY that came at the best time. Fans were missing BTS who they couldn’t see on tour because of the pandemic, and the feelings were so clearly matched by the members. Speaking about the song, Jungkook shared “I feel good because I was able to tell fans how much I loved them.” Please, have you ever seen a love quite like BTS and ARMY?


‘Ddaeng’ is arguably the most iconic of Festa songs. It dropped in 2018 and came from the rap line. RM, SUGA, and j-hope really served a whole bop which led to some pretty incredible live performances that we miss so dearly. ‘Ddaeng’ is the perfect diss track for anyone who has ever doubted BTS and their success. It still thrives to this day and is one of the rap line’s best songs.


At the end of 2018, Jimin gave a New Years’ gift in his first solo project ‘Promise.’ It’s such a soft ballad that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We later got to see him and RM working on the song together in Break The Silence: Persona during their Love Yourself Tour era. It was the first self-produced track he made but had special meaning. “This is a song for myself but this is also a song for you guys. This is my first time, so it’s a bit raw, but please listen to it.” We still love it, Jimin!


For his birthday last year, Jin dropped the beauty that is ‘Abyss.’ The song truly flaunts Jin’s vocals in the best way possible and allows us to see a more vulnerable side of the eldest member. He opened up in a letter accompanying the song about how he was struggling for a while. “As I looked deeper, I realized I wanted to let it all go because I was having a hard time. I received counseling for these feelings and just spent my days as normal.” We are so glad Jin was able to work with his emotions and creating art is such a great outlet for dealing with them. We’re so proud!

‘Winter Bear’

Though we are waiting with utmost patience for the sweet day that KHT1 drops, we’ve had a taste of what it could sound like thanks to the handful of songs V has dropped over the years. ‘Winter Bear’ is probably the most iconic of them all and we were even blessed with a music video! The song also dropped 1,000 days after he first introduced the now fandom-famous phrase “I Purple You,” making it all the more special.

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Gah, we love BTS so much! They’re such generous givers, we’ll never get over it.

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How are you enjoying ‘Bicycle?’ What’s your favorite BTS song they’ve gifted us? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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