The Sugar Petals Wants You To Speak Out Loud

The Sugar Petals Wants You To Speak Out Loud

We love you. We don’t. Do you remember that game you used to play with flowers when you were young? Well, maybe you’ll make sure to fall in love with our discovery here at THP. The Sugar Petals, a trio from Hertfordshire, England, is here to bring you some nostalgic vibes with their new single ‘Talk It Out.’

90’s Revival!

The new song by The Sugar Petals is sweet, not too much sour, and will, of course, make our New Music Friday better this week. We first saw a glimpse of what the band could do on their previous Better EP. Get it on Bandcamp here. We are totally in love with the lo-fi recording approach of their songs, and so is ‘Talk It Out.’ Dive back into the nineties when chords were simple, with a few overdubs, but not too much. Melodic as Teenage Fanclub, honest like Pavement, you got the best of both worlds! Enjoy their harmonious sounds until the end of times here!

A Smooth Comfort

If you like Wolf Alice’s shoegaze-infused turnaround, ‘Talk It Out’ by The Sugar Petals is the perfect pick for you! Its grunge guitar riffs will keep you hooked forever. Feel the sunny breeze on your skin and let yourself get pampered with the fantastic soft poetical hums. The drums harmonize so smoothly in some dreamy way with the chords floating in the air. Finally, it’s time to surf on the big indie wave! Its melody comforts us like a big hug. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the song! Listen to ‘Talk It Out’ here.

Like what you heard? Get the track wherever you want here to download or stream. What do you think about the song? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Kelli Watson

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