We’re Over Here Counting The Days Until Luca

We’re Over Here Counting The Days Until Luca

Want to know a secret? We love Disney/Pixar movies! Ok, maybe we’ve already made that clearmany times. But come on! They’re always so good! And there’s no doubt in our minds that Luca will follow suit and become part of our list of heart-warming Disney movies for when we need to ignore the world.

We are still a few days away from the release of Luca, but of course, Disney would never leave us without content for very long. We got a new featurette showing more of the scene where the two sea monsters, Luca and Alberto, go to Giulia’s house and meet her dad. Giulia and her dad are very much human and have no idea the two boys aren’t, which is bound to bring some interesting situations throughout the movie. Seriously, there’s no way the only time their identities are almost exposed is in this one scene.

What we gathered from this trailer is simple: Giulia’s dad isn’t a fan of anything that comes from the water. Isn’t that great to hear when you’re a sea monster? 🙃 So, obviously, the boys are shocked when they hear this man talking about what he thinks of sea-dwelling creatures (as were we, honestly).

images of alberto, giulia and luca, respectively
Image Source: Courtesy of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios

After our shock passed, we couldn’t help but wonder: what could have possibly happened to make this man hate the sea so much? We guess that the movie will answer it when it comes out on June 18. That being said, we’re betting something happened to Giulia’s mom at sea and he’s hated it ever since. Whatever the reason is, all we can be sure of is that it’ll make us ✨emotional✨.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios

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