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We’re Not Lonely Thanks To Only The Poets

We’re Not Lonely Thanks To Only The Poets

New single and debut EP? Check! A fan wellbeing safe space? Check! Emails to see how we’re doing? Check! Zoom calls with fans? Check! Only The Poets are here for us, and we’re here for them, as we celebrate their message alongside their complete EP Speak Out and single ‘No More Lonely.’ We are massive OTP stans here at The Honey POP HQ, so we’ve been so excited to simp over them again with you, now that the EP is finally here. And we’ve been sitting on a surprise too! We jumped on a Zoom call with Only The Poets and fellow fans, to chat about new music and mental health!

No More Lonely

It’s here, it’s finally here! It’s been a long road, with a disastrously funny original drop back in April, which resulted in a delayed-release. But we know it was worth the wait! Only The Poets‘ Tommy, Roo, Marcus, and Jarred have served it up on their brand new single ‘No More Lonely,’ completing their debut EP Speak Out. And Tommy has set us a challenge too … 10k streams on ‘No More Lonely’ in the first week. We mean, come on Tommy, at least make it a bit challenging! We eat 10k with our Coco Pops.

Stream it right here, right now! Let’s make them smile, like they do for us!

‘No More Lonely’ was a song I wrote as my initial reaction to everything that was happening at the start of the pandemic. Everything at the time was overwhelming and scary. Writing the song really helped me deal with everything going on around me. It’s odd this song is coming out as things are starting to open up. The world feels scary in a different way, it’s hard returning to “normal.” If you’re worrying about it, don’t worry, we’re all feeling the same and that’s fine.”

Tommy Longhurst


Because they’re not content with just releasing comforting music, Only The Poets have taken their ‘No More Lonely’ message even further, with a dedicated Twitter page run by the band, designed to help people to support each other. The page bio reads: “@ us for a RT and then reply to each other. Don’t ever feel alone, reach out to friend, family, or us!” Reminding fans that we aren’t alone, the page also links to Checkpoint, a charity providing mental health resources, predominantly for the gaming community. Only The Poets never shy away from the importance of mental health and getting help, with band members often being open with us about their own struggles, which so many of us can relate to.

“Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I’ve been struggling the last few weeks. I’ve felt unmotivated by how far away normality has felt at times. I think it’s important to tell you all, as social media can end up being a highlight of your best bits ( …)”

Tommy via Only The Poets Email Letter

It’s one thing for artists to share positive mental health messages, which we applaud, but it’s another to dedicate their own personal time to directly talk to fans about how we’re feeling. The Twitter page even invites DMs from people who don’t feel comfortable sharing publically. What did we actually do to deserve this band? It’s no wonder Louis Tomlinson chose Only The Poets to open for his tour. Just like Louis, talent and kindness are in Only The Poets’ DNA.

We’re All Zoomed Out, Except When It’s With OTP!

Ask us to go on another work or school zoom call, we’d rather chew off our arms. But invite us to a zoom with Only The Poets? Yeah, we’re there with bells on. The band spent their evening chatting to fans from across the world, and Tommy even performed ‘No More Lonely’ live for us! We chatted about the music process and our struggles through the pandemic. As Tommy wrote ‘No More Lonely’ alone, we asked what the process was like in sharing this with his bandmates. Turns out, it was all via voice notes, and was, in parts, jibberish! We had such a lovely time chatting to Only The Poets and meeting other fans. (In case you’re wondering, we’re second down on the left, wearing a Walls beanie because we have excellent taste … )

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A photo of Tommy's laptop showing participants of a fan zoom call
Image Source: Only The Poets Official Instagram Story

We love Only The Poets, and the energy they’re putting out into the world. As fans, we don’t feel like there is a wall between the band and us, and that’s down to the beautiful community OTP have created. It’s a joy to be a part of! If you’re not already, join us! We have cookies (may contain traces of nuts and false advertising.) We are absolutely in love with the EP and ‘No More Lonely’ and we can’t wait to watch the music, and the band, get the appreciation they deserve.

What is it about Only The Poets that brings you comfort? How many times have you streamed ‘No More Lonely?’ If it’s less than like, 20, go away, stream it, and then you can come back. Let us know in the comments, or by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook.

Do you love Only The Poets, and want some more Brit rock artists to lose sleep over? We gotchu!


Featured Image Source: Rory Barnes via Only The Poets Official Instagram

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