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Liam Payne Lonely Bug Comes To Life!

Liam Payne Lonely Bug Comes To Life!

Who doesn’t love Liam Payne? He stuns us with his music and vocals each time. We can’t wait to hear what’s in the bag for his sophomore album. He’s so active on socials at the moment, opening to new platforms to connect with his fans. He posts on Discord or Instagram lives and that makes it so hard to keep up with everything. Don’t worry! THP is here to give you some updates.

Alongside some new music releases later in the year, we see the Wolverhampton singer sharing his passion for art. Not only he asked his supporters to post their fan arts through the #LPFanArt hashtag, but he also showed us his wonderful skills. From drawing rats to the belated king Philip and buildings, Liam Payne is now exploring the world of NFTs. What is it? What could we expect from our beloved idol? Scroll below to learn more!

Image Source: Liam Payne YouTube

NFT What?

In this transformed world, artists needed to reinvent themselves. Pandemic made us learn about social distancing and the importance of culture, no matter which platform we are using. The industry found this new way to connect. The NFTs gain lots of interest in the pop land. Are you curious about it? To make it short, you buy a specific token for art, music or anything else produced digitally. Then, you own a very unique piece. You can exchange it, but at your risk because, unlike Bitcoins, the value of the token can burst up! For a quick read, don’t be shy to hit this link!

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Delighful For The Ears And Eyes

Liam Payne is not the first to experiment with this. For example, Tory Lanez couldn’t release some of his songs due to legal issues. When the NFT concept dropped, the Canadian singer made three exclusive secret songs available. They are unique pieces and won’t have them unless we got your hands on this NFT. Kings of Leons hyped their new album When You See Yourself through this technology. Does it bring questions? Of course, yes! Grimes sold her Death Of The Old artwork from her War Nymph vol.1 collection for more than $300,000. The same goes for Eminem and his Stan’s Revenge, which value worth is 71,000£. Superstar DJ Deadmau5 sold his remix collection at the price of $31,000. Scottish producer Calvin Harris‘ wonderful and colourful Technofish audiovisual works outbid at $2500 or more. It’s exclusive and rare, so be ready to save your money first. If they develop sustainably, maybe we can get more affordable ones. Who knows in this evolving universe?

Image Source: GIPHY

The Lonely Bug

Liam Payne teased us a couple of months ago without letting the fans doubt it. He showed us some of his artwork on his YouTube round-ups and we wouldn’t know that fly would be part of an exciting journey. The project will include the superstar singer drawing, as well as spoken word bits by Gary Vee and music from Zedd. The animated part will be provided by Sillygabe. As our sweet Payno describes, it’s all about being lonely. We’re trying to fly, but we can’t because we are trapped in a cage. Inspired by the lockdown and other experiences, this is pretty exciting to see Liam experimenting with different cultural mediums. Who’s excited about the launch?

Image Source: Liam Payne via Instagram Stories

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

After his BAFTA avatar performance, we knew Liam Payne and technologies were a perfect match. We heard him talking about new big projects with people he worked with before. He was so in love with the NFT that Zedd created, that he even shared it on his socials. Then, in his weekly roundup, he started to blab around how NFTs are such an interesting way to diffuse art. On Discord and Instagram stories, we got some teases that it’s coming out June 15th! The collaboration with his hit single ‘Get Low’ partner will be one of a kind. Later in the year, we can expect some more content as the second part of the project is an in-person event in Las Vegas. Who’s ready for it? We feel it’s an assured big buzz.

Image Source: Liam Payne Youtube Video

The little buddy will probably become so big with all the hype! What do you think about Liam Payne’s new project? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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