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Our Dream Louis Tomlinson Setlist For Milano Summer Festival

Our Dream Louis Tomlinson Setlist For Milano Summer Festival

Louis Tomlinson Milano Summer Festival

Coming in hot is a piece of exciting news straight from LT Head Quarters – Louis Tomlinson will be playing the Milano Summer Festival 2022 on 3rd September!

Image Source: @LTHQOfficial via Twitter

Days after the mega announcement of new dates for the Louis Tomlinson World Tour, our sass master from Doncaster is delivering another gift for his Italian Louies! All set to perform a streak of his hits at the Ippodromo Snai San Siro, Milan, Louis being the absolute sunshine on stage that he is, will make it the night of our lives! We have goosebumps just thinking about losing our voices to singing along with him, the beautiful fan projects that may be in store, and the heavenly experience of seeing him perform!

Live Nation presale to get tickets for Louis’s Milano Summer Festival show on 3rd September, started on June 9th at 12 PM CEST, while general sale starts on Thursday 10th June at 12 PM CEST. Get access here.

As we dream of the evening, it’s only fitting to web out our ideal setlist for the event and share it with the class. So here you go!

‘Just Hold On’

There’s no better way to open the show and get our dancing feet warmed up now, is there? Ever since Louis’s first live performance as a solo artist, we’ve dreamed of being a part of his concerts, and this song is where it all begins! With a perfect blend of Steve Aoki’s electro-house beats and Louis’s melodic vocals, this undeniably catchy track is a must when it comes to summer music festivals!


Yeah, call us biased, but this one holds a special place in our hearts, as we’re sure it does for most of you guys too! After the whole #ProjectDefenceless and for the raw, emotive delivery by Louis that comes along with the song, we’re not heading home that summer evening without listening to this one. D’ya hear us, Tommo?

‘Always You’

Oh, what we would give to see our precious Louis’ face light up, break into a warm smile, eyes shut in euphoria as he screams, “Louder!“ and holds out the mic to the audience! We would, quite literally, sell our souls! We’re sure of a vocal chord injury later, but no kind of happiness comes close to singing ‘Always You’ with Louis!

‘Drag Me Down’

We all love-hate a little nostalgia, right? When Louis first performed ‘Drag Me Down’ solo, we instantly felt the need to hear it again. This One Direction ghost from the past is one we love, even though it twists our hearts in need of more. With a refreshing rendition and a delightful spin, Louis makes the song his own, and we love to hear it.


No Louis Tomlinson show is ever complete without this track and his band’s extraordinary guitar solo and instrumental theatrics! Piano, bass, violin, name them, you got them all. As cinematic as it sounds instrumentally, Louis’s live vocals are also top-notch, sending shivers down the spine.


The title track from the debut album? It goes without saying! Even though Louis will hopefully have a new record out by the time, we’ll all be emotionally attached to Walls and a thousand memories this era has left us! Also, being Louis’s favorite song on the album, it would be a perfect tribute and a treat to hear live!

Speaking of new songs …

‘Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy’

This needs to make it to LT2, we won’t take no for an answer! We have the lyrics tattooed on our hearts, we loved the first time Louis performed it, and we’re mildly mad we don’t have a studio version for it yet. But, let’s have faith in the future! Listening to COACOAC live is the one aesthetic we’re living for!

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‘Kill My Mind’

Pushing the adrenaline rush, in line with favorites, sweat dripping off our faces, voices hoarse with all the screaming, Louis ending the night with a masterstroke in likes of ‘Kill My Mind’ would be immaculate! Breathless and grateful as we exhaust all our energy, this track will showcase Louis at his very best, the Britpop king he was born to be!

And there you have it! It was a tough call having to choose, and we would like to hear from you! Will you replace any song up there? Change the list altogether? Will you be going to the Louis Tomlinson Milano Summer Festival show? Tell us everything in the comments down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Charlie Lightening for Louis Tomlinson via Instagram

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