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The First Episode Of Loki Is Here, Here Are Our Thoughts On It

The First Episode Of Loki Is Here, Here Are Our Thoughts On It

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If you’ve been around here for a while, you know how long we’ve been losing our minds over Loki. Pretty much as soon as Marvel announced the series. And oh man, the first episode went above and beyond our expectations and we can’t wait for the next five! Then again, it’s Loki we’re talking about, there was no way this would be anything short of amazing.

Over the weeks leading up to the premiere of Loki, we had several indications that the show would be the one with the most impact on the MCU canon so far, as the God of Mischief deserves, honestly. That’s because this show is dealing with time traveling and timelines and the multiverse, all things that, if we learned anything from other time-travel movies, can’t be isolated, they will affect everything. So naturally, because we’re all nerds here, we wanted to share our thoughts on the first episode and speculate a little on what’s to come.

*** Here is your spoiler warning for the first episode of Loki. From this point on, we are not responsible for any spoilers you may receive***

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#1 – Characters

TV shows are, most of the time, character-driven, so obviously we have to dedicate some time to talk about the ones we’ve met this far. Loki is his lovely snarky self, Agent Mobius is a great counterpart because he’s much calmer and not at all afraid of Loki, Judge Renslayer gives off some awesome exasperated boss vibes which are always great for a TV show, and all the TVA agents look like they’ll be fun to watch as well.

Also, can we please talk about Loki’s sped-up character development and how emotional that was? Having him watch how his life should have played out not only made him realize he doesn’t have to be the villain everyone thinks he is, but it also brought us to tears because he can only watch, he can’t change anything. And Tom Hiddleston knocked it out of the park with this scene (and every other scene).

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On the positive side though, we get front row seats to Loki’s sarcasm fest, and that’s all we could ask for. He talks back to the agents who arrest him, he calls BS on the whole “sacred timeline” story, and, like all of us, is very vocal about hating the bureaucracy of the TVA. How can anyone not love him?

And what to say about the other side of this coin, Agent Mobius? This man is everything Loki needed at this point (remember, this is Loki straight out of New York in 2012). He gets inside Loki’s brain and makes him see himself in a new light. But here’s the best part: he’s not doing that because he wants to take advantage of Loki, but because he wants Loki to willingly help him out. Loki has a friend, guys! We’re so happy for them 😊.

#2 – Where (Or When) Do We Go From Here?

After Agent Mobius plays therapist to Loki and makes him understand he doesn’t have to be the bad guy, he offers the God of Mischief a chance to do good. A chance to help clean up the sacred timeline and stop much worse variants of himself from causing disaster. What that means is that we’ll get to see Marvel’s greatest anti-hero hop all around History and literally face the worst versions of himself. Man, we can feel the character development coming!

At the end of the episode, we see what appears to be one of those versions in Oklahoma in 1858. But if we’re any good at identifying storytelling methods, that’s not the one they’ll be after next week. In fact, they may only mention it briefly before going in the opposite direction for a while. And then they’ll either go after this mysterious variant or the variant will come after them. Whichever it is, we can’t wait!

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We’re also expecting to see Loki causing mischief in a more good-natured way over the series. Like the D.B. Cooper scene from this episode. Side note: how incredible is it that Loki was the famous D.B. Cooper? And that it only happened because he lost a bet to his brother? Thanks for making us miss the brotherly dynamic, Marvel. We’d love to see either more flashbacks of Loki causing chaos over the years or just him doing that as he works with the TVA.

#3 – “I Understood That Reference!”

If you thought we were done, sorry to disappoint, but no, we still have more to say. The episode was full of little things for fans to catch. Such as Loki’s first line is the same he uses in The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018): “I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose”.

There was also the glorious (hehe) moment where he calls out the Avengers’ time traveling. We loved it because he’s right! The root of the problem isn’t him, it’s the people who made it possible for him to even get his hands on the Tesseract in the first place! But of course, he gets blamed for it because that’s just his luck.

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One more reference definitely worth mentioning also happens during Loki’s talk with Mobius. Mobius says Loki was born to “cause pain, and suffering and death”, but in doing so, he makes others achieve the best versions of themselves. Here’s the interesting bit: that’s actually pulled from Loki’s origins in Norse Mythology! In it, he’s always the character bringing chaos and losing the battles. But that’s the cause of the changes everyone else needed. Loki is stuck in this infinite loop of loss and suffering, but something tells us this series will be where he breaks free from it.

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Okay, one more thing we’d like to mention: have you noticed there’s at least one creepy slogan in each new Marvel series? There were the ones in the commercials for WandaVision, the GRC’s “Reset. Restore. Rebuild.” in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and now the TVA’s “For all time. Always” in Loki. We don’t know about you, but we came to expect the people with those slogans to mean “don’t trust them” by now.

#4 – Our Final Thoughts

Mostly, our minds are only going “we were right to be excited” on loop 😂. But seriously, this show has the potential to be one of Marvel’s best products to date! It has one of their most beloved characters, great new additions, and the plot honestly looks great too. This is taking “self-discovery” to a whole new level!

Do you agree with us? Did you enjoy the first episode of Loki? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll love to chat about it!

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