We’ve Got Our Dream Setlist For The Maroon 5 Tour All Set

We’ve Got Our Dream Setlist For The Maroon 5 Tour All Set

Maroon 5 and blackbear?! Sign us up!

This is one of our favorite touring duos. We can’t imagine a night sounding like more unadulterated fun. We can already guess that we will be dancing and singing the night away. Maroon 5 has such an impressive musical catalog, as does blackbear. Naturally, that means we’ve created our dream setlist for this show!

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‘She Will Be Loved’

Come on! This is a must, right? We couldn’t imagine a Maroon 5 show without this track. ‘She Will Be Loved’ shot the band to fame, and might get us a few side-eye glances from how loud we’ll be singing along. But hey, can you blame us?


‘Sugar’ is just one big party song. It’s the song that will instantly act as a mood-booster and that’s exactly what you want at a live show. Both us and our moms will be jumping around while yelling the words right back at Adam Levine.

‘Girls Like You’

Ideally, Cardi B would be in attendance for this one. Her rap is iconic and one of our favorite parts of the track. Of course, if she’s not able to make it we’ll gladly step in and do it for her. The point is we need to hear this song with her part kept in. It’s a simple request.


This is the first blackbear song we ever heard! It’s slowed down and showcases his vocals! It’s always nice to get those moments where you can just sway and sing, that’s ‘idfc’ for you! We will be vibing non-stop.

‘hot girl bummer’

We’re going to need to close out our summer with this ‘hot girl bummer’ anthem. It’s a no-brainer. We can’t imagine a song we want to sing along to more and just completely let loose. If blackbear doesn’t sing this it’s going to be a tragedy.

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We would love to hear from you! What song are you guys most looking forward to hearing Maroon 5 play live? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP

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