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Bleachers Ask Us – ‘How Dare You Want More?’

Bleachers Ask Us – ‘How Dare You Want More?’

Jack Antonoff, the frontman of Bleachers, has claimed 2021 as his year. In late 2020, Bleachers released singles ‘chinatown’ and ’45’ as a taster for the new music, and fans could not get enough! Just last month we were blessed with the lead single ‘Stop Making This Hurt’, along with the announcement of Bleacher’s third studio album – Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night. Can it get any better than this?

Of course, it can! We have been given another surprise! Another new track, ‘How Dare You Want More’ was released on June 9th via RCA Records. The track was already a fan favorite (especially for us here at THP) after we heard it first on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which can be watched here. The fans became obsessed with the fun, upbeat performance and waited patiently to hear the studio version – and it’s finally here!

Earlier this week, fans from all over the world began receiving CD discs with the letters ‘HDYWM’ written on with sharpie, and they were sent by Jack Antonoff himself! This is promotion like we’ve never seen before!

Summer Anthem

After listening to the new track on repeat since its release, it is safe to say that this is definitely going to be one for the summer playlist! The track features some of the most powerful guitar riffs and the most insane saxophone solo we’ve ever heard! It’s the perfect soundtrack to a main character summer, and we’re obsessed. You can stream the new tune here and watch the brand new live performance here.

We’re all super proud of Bleachers for their new single, and it seems that Jack Antonoff himself is proud of what he has created with his band. When speaking about the new single Jack explains that:

everybody wants a little more and going out there and trying to get it is something that can produce a lot of shame in people. so … how dare you want more? how dare you go out and get what you want? how do you ask for it when you’re not sure if you even deserve it? it’s an easy song to write about the people in my life and the hardest thing to do to oneself. this one is the band on fire. testing the boundaries of how close we can get to the edge without falling off. this recording could not have happened with any other group of people and it’s the direct sound of all the time we’ve spent on the road and how we’ve learned to know what each other is going to do. the band is carrying me through.

Each of the new tracks that Bleachers have put out has been received extremely well, resulting in excitement and high expectations for their third album Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night, so we’re all counting down the days until July 30th! You can pre-order the new album here.

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Bleachers will be hitting the road to tour the new album in fall 2021, which is literally music to our ears! We can’t wait for live shows to be back, and especially Bleachers’ live shows! To check if Bleachers are coming to your city and to buy tickets, go here. Are you seeing them on tour? If so, comment and let us know when or tweet us over at @TheHoneyPop

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