Dead Slow Hoot Preach Kindness On New EP!

Dead Slow Hoot Preach Kindness On New EP!

We all need a bit of twisted melancholia in our lives. The dark corners are filled with ghostly beats, slowly creeping into powerful creations. That’s exactly where Dead Slow Hoot leads us with their brand new EP A Kinder Kind.

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Move It Your Way!

Dead Slow Hoot has this dark melodic tone that we can’t get out of our heads. Opening on ‘Dark Pockets,’ the Sheffield band atmospheres leads us to a world between early Radiohead‘s lo-fi waves and folk melancholia. The mood is set up for the Elbow-infused melodic guitars and bright piano shades on ‘Gesticulating Wildly.’ The orchestral strings twist in a dark fantasy with lots of fuzz and reverbs. Fans of grunge and sound experimentations, this is your turn!

Ride On The ‘Low Road’

Dead Slow Hoot keeps the sad refrains coming on A Kinder Kind. They also give some space to some energetic and upbeat guitar riffs on a couple of tracks. ‘Taller Trees’ is a great example of that. It reminisces the band Editors The Back Room album era. Influenced by the melodic lines of ‘Fingers In The Factories,’ Dead Slow Hoot knows how to create big hooks. The spark sounds from the northern parts of England are also very important for them in this EP. ‘Low Road’ takes on the post-punk late 70s vibes of Manchester’s Joy Division. The band crafts staccato drum beats that culminate in sync with vocal high notes crescendos. If you are loving the music of Interpol, watch their space!

Drown Into The Ocean

A Kinder Kind is a breath of fresh air that you need to chill around the summer campfires. You’ll love the calm melodies, which are nearly acoustic, that intertwine along with some upbeat folk vibes and math-rock elements. Heard of Delta Sleep or The Twilight Sad? ‘Until Your Breathing Drowns It Out’ is the perfect song for you! We also dig the electronic subtle beats on the wonderful ‘Still Life.’ What can we say about the latest single ‘Ocean On All Sides?’ Mix Noel Gallagher‘s powerful Britpop ballad and Nick Cave poetry and you’ll get the real chills.

Does this indie wave sound perfect to you? Because it is for us! Get the EP right away for streaming on Dead Slow Hoot’s Spotify or get the limited vinyl on Philophobia’s Bandcamp.

Let us know what your favorite song is. Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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