Delta Sleep: Melodic Math-Rock

Delta Sleep: Melodic Math-Rock

Delta Sleep releases ‘The Detail,’ the new single from their album Spring Island to be released on September 10th.

Pushing boundaries, pursuing perfection, and succeeding, Delta Sleep finds consistencies in continuing to evolve their sound. Sitting down as a band and writing a song in one sitting from scratch is not easy, but that’s exactly what Delta Sleep did with the track ‘The Detail.’ Quite frankly, they nailed it.

Speaking on the single, bassist, Dave Jackson says “‘The Detail’ was the first idea we came up with at our first practice after not being in a room together for nearly six months. It quite literally came out of nowhere, and we had the bulk of the song and structure down within a couple of hours. That song holds a very special memory for all four of us.” We sure think it’s special too!

In tune with the rest of the album, ‘The Detail’ has themes that are relatable to most. Human struggles of depression, the effect that the long period of isolation has had on us, and being creatures who thrive on interaction, line the lyrics. Producing progressive, indie rock vibes, the track has found itself to be an incredible single. You can stream it here, or vibe to it below:

Delta Sleep – ‘The Detail’

As for the rest of the twelve-track album, Spring Island will provide a collection of supreme songwriting and sonic superiority. Let us know how hard you’re vibing to the new single! Comment down below or find us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or by visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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