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‘Everytime I Cry,’ We Listen To Ava Max

‘Everytime I Cry,’ We Listen To Ava Max

When we sit alone in dark rooms and our makeup runs, Ava Max drops a bop, making us groove to the tune of life’s messes like a pro, and she’s at it again with her latest single ‘Everytime I Cry.’ Listen to it right away!

And if you couldn’t decide if you wanted to sob into pillows and blow your nose or send a flying kiss to the mirror before rushing out to twerk in the club – meet Ava Max, everyone.

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Wipe Off Those Tears And Turn Up The Volume!

The song is a self-motivation style guide and electro-pop finesse. Because leave it to Ava Max to convey themes of hope, strength, and self-worth with the beat to send you off partying at raves!

‘Everytime I Cry’ talks about the unending entanglements of life – broken dreams, overwhelming emotions, fears and insecurities, and that when we hit low, all we can do is shut out blaring voices and love ourselves!

When the voices get loud, I’m turnin’ them down / Feel good in my body forever and ever / When the tears start to fall, I’m catchin’ thеm all / And I know the future is bettеr, ’cause / Everytime I cry, I get a little bit stronger

With lyrics that light up our spirits like sunshine on a Spring noon, we declare Ava Max as our favorite life counsellor!

‘Everytime I Cry’ Heals All Wounds

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Ava Max and her vocals are nothing less than a fireball wrapped in honey, and it carries strength and control galore. ‘Everytime I Cry’ has given us a hook that understands us and reminds us that it’s okay to feel pain.

Holding the title of one of the most-streamed female artists in the world with her previous hit ‘My Head And My Heart,‘ she is spectacularly on the rise, with this new venture that has us addicted. Once again.

After every struggle, you go through you become a little bit stronger. And every tear you shed is not wasted but becomes your river of hope.

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Ava Max about her latest single, ‘Everytime I Cry.’

She has held a stunning record of producing the dopest of tunes and then making our hearts beat to it. And there’s something so ‘Sweet But Psycho’ about Ava Max music, we can only just say that it hits like no other! We understand it’s never enough when it comes to our spunky ‘Belladona,’ so get your dose of Ava Max content on the hive right here.

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