Nothing But Thieves Future Is Very Bright!

Nothing But Thieves Future Is Very Bright!

What do you do to take care of yourself? Are you afraid of what the future can bring you? Southend-On-Sea’s Nothing But Thieves are taking care of it on brand new single ‘Futureproof.’ Following up their explosive new album Moral Panic last year, the UK band is back on track with bolder and darker sounds!

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Road Trippin’

Hope is on the way! Lots of places started to host events again. The bands from all across the globe are smashing out their tour announcements. We are so excited to hear that Nothing But Thieves will also electrify the stages of the UK and Europe this fall. Book the dates on your calendar and don’t miss their immense live energy.

Where? When? Just scroll the details on their official website here.

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Take Care Of Yourself

Helped by Muse and Foo Fighters producer Rich Costey, Nothing But Thieves explore self-wellness and how to keep it on new song ‘Futureproof.’ The beats slowly pump in staccatos, haunting our minds. “Come and lift me up until I’m higher, higher/ Vulture coming to steal my youth/ Throw the pieces down into the fire, fire/ Liars coming to take my truth/ I wanna be future-proof,” sings Conor Mason with such ignited passion. Like blood running through our veins, we feel the guitar strides ripping through us. Loud thumps, massive interpretation is all we need now in our lives.

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Intense Chaos

Less than a year after Moral Panic, Nothing But Thieves heavy melodies stings our soul. The band strikes again with their honest lyricism. They’re not afraid and they are picking on our curiosity on different social issues. We are addicted to the guitar that strings out in chaotic riffs, exploring the dark waves. The retro vibes and melancholia stick around from the band’s previous work. Nothing But Thieves add a little twist to their new track too! You are going to be hypnotized by their new psychedelic grooves. Watch the Jake Jelicich visuals here.

Listen or buy Moral Panic here. You can also get the new single ‘Futureproof’ over here. What do you consider essential if you want to have a bright future? What would you change in your life? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Do you need more synth-wave beats? We got you covered!


Featured image source: Frank Fieber

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