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TWICE’s ‘Alcohol-Free’ is Full of Summer Vibes. Here’s 7 of Their Songs Perfect For The Season

TWICE’s ‘Alcohol-Free’ is Full of Summer Vibes. Here’s 7 of Their Songs Perfect For The Season

TWICE are back, and we are beyond hyped for their return! With Taste of Love on the horizon, the girls have made their comeback with ‘Alcohol-Free’ and it is everything.

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The summery single is a unique blend of chill lounge music meeting trap-pop mixed with Bassa nova. It has us feeling like we’re off on a vacation to remember, with TWICE as our pilots taking us to our dream destination. The laidback grooves offer that feeling of relaxation and good times ahead, which is essentially what this season is about. It’s fun, fresh, and has us in such a great mood. Our girls prove that a song doesn’t need to be heavy and that less is more for a summer smash. The only thing we’re intoxicated with is our love for these girls!

TWICE’s extensive catalog is full of songs for the summer season, and if you’re looking for those in-season vibes for your playlist, we’re giving you a whole list of recommendations to add to your summer soundtrack. You’re welcome.

‘Dance The Night Away’

Kicking off our playlist is ‘Dance The Night Away’ which truly feels like it set them apart from the industry with a pretty distinctive song. From the use of brass instruments to unforgettable lyrics, this is a pretty addictive banger that is the epitome of summer.


Oozing with Latin guitar vibes and hip-swaying beats, ‘Firework’ is for sure a great dance track that makes us feel like strutting our stuff on some patio garden party at sunset. It follows in a popular kpop trend over the years but doesn’t exhaust the popularity of the style, keeping it fresh and giving it the TWICE branding.


‘Chillax’ could be the sister of ‘Alcohol-Free.’ The 2018 b-side is a laid-back, happy-go-lucky vibe with a touch of tropics, making for the perfect vacation playlist addition. If you’re struggling through a heatwave, try playing this and pretending you’re on a relaxing getaway, letting TWICE get you through it.

‘Sweet Summer Day’

Given the name of this song, are you that surprised it got added to the list? Full of bright energy, ‘Sweet Summer Day’ has the classic TWICE sound where you know from a mile away that it’s our girlies blessing us once more. The instrumental gets us pretty nostalgic with the 90s feel and the hooks are super captivating.


If you’re experiencing a summer romance, then ‘Fancy’ is a great addition to your playlist. It has a bit of an 80s vibe which shows TWICE was ahead of the game with the modern retro trend which we saw explode across the music scene last year. The synth-pop sound and declaration of feelings give us the serotonin boost just like the brighter seasons do and have us high on love and life.

‘More & More’

More & More‘ was one of the big bangers of 2020, but we think it’s going to be a song with solid longevity. Infused with 808s and synth drums, this single is full of groove and feels like such a great summer soundtrack for good times and making ‘More & More’ memories. It also marked the beginning of what feels like a transition from the school-girl TWICE vibes to more mature, and we are living for it.


Listen, ‘Hot’ definitely deserves more attention than it gets, and what better way to revive it than during the hot weather? This underrated gem is quite a quirky one with its catchy multi-layered electro instrumental drop that has us bopping about the place. It’s a great dance number to put a spring in your step and honestly needs more recognition.

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How are you loving ‘Alcohol-Free?’ What’s your favorite TWICE song for summer? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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