Wavves Makes Existing Less Of A Torture With Track ‘Hideaway’

Wavves Makes Existing Less Of A Torture With Track ‘Hideaway’

Wavves drops title track for upcoming July 16th album release ‘Hideaway’ via Fat Possum Records.

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The latest release and title track is the third single off of the forthcoming album from Wavves. Following ‘Help is On The Way’ and ‘Sinking Feeling,’ ‘Hideaway’ showcases the superiority of the album. The track perfectly paired with an equally retro video providing throaty alt-rock in its finest form. With an outpour of overwhelming instrumentals, the song sounds like a summer soundtrack. Prep for perpetual sunshine, and stream the single below:

Wavves – ‘Hideaway’

As for the rest of the album, Hideaway makes its debut mid-summer, July 16th, through Fat Possum Records. Nine tracks produced by Dave Sitek is a collection covering what happens when you’ve grown wise enough to know that no one is here to save you but you. An epiphany everyone goes through; it’s relatable as hell.

Wavves – ‘Sinking Feeling’

The album is a follow-up to their 2017 album, You’re Welcome. We know we’re thankful for the new tunes, are you? Named by Consequence of Sound as one of the 100 Best Pop Punk Bands of all time, we couldn’t agree more. 

Official Track Listing and Album Art

  1. ‘Thru Hell’
  2. ‘Hideaway’
  3. ‘Help Is On The Way’
  4. ‘Sinking Feeling’
  5. ‘Honeycomb’
  6. ‘The Blame’
  7. ‘Marine Life’
  8. ‘Planting a Garden’
  9. ‘Caviar’

Wavves makes existing less of a torture, that’s certain, so stay tuned for more news soon! Let us know what you thought of the title track or any of the singles by commenting down below or giving us a holler on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Jesse Lirola

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