Ed Sheeran Is Back And We Couldn’t Be Happier

Everyone remain calm! Ed Sheeran is back, and all feels right in the musical world!

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Ed Sheeran has announced that his comeback single ‘Bad Habits’ will be released on June 25th! And yes, he did release ‘Afterglow,’ and yes, we loved it! But that wasn’t his comeback single. It was a droplet. ‘Bad Habits’ is officially it, this is our glimpse into what the next Ed Sheeran album will sound like, and we can’t wait!

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Over the year, Ed Sheeran has put out some of our all-time favorite tracks. It only feels right to celebrate this announcement by breaking down our top few favorites for you guys! We could have made this list go on forever, but we’ll keep it short and sweet!

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‘Galway Girl’

This is the track that, at any given moment, you’ll hear us screaming the words to. It’s one of the catchiest songs of all time, and it’s about time it gets praised for that. It’s almost impossible not to get hooked as soon as the chorus starts. While we’ve never been to a proper pub, we can imagine this song is best when blasted inside one.


The songwriting in this track is unreal. Come on, “I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed.” Who writes that? Ed Sheeran, that’s who! Out of all the incredibly stellar tracks on +, this one is our favorite. Ed’s voice is so beautiful and soft, as is the tone of the track.


We cry every time we hear this song. It’s so incredibly heartbreaking when Ed says “saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours.” Yes, we got chills just from typing that out. What an awful thing to realize the person you love is ‘Happier’ with someone else. Plus, you get to hear Ed’s incredibly soft voice.

‘Tenerife Sea’

People often credit songs like ‘Perfect’ as being Ed Sheeran’s greatest love songs, and while that song is timeless and beautiful, ‘Tenerife Sea’ takes the cake for us. Comparing the blue in someone’s eyes to the ‘Tenerife Sea’ is just chef’s kiss. We will be playing this one at our wedding.

‘The City’

“If the city never sleeps then that makes two” took over our Instagram captions when this track was released. The song has been a long-time favorite of ours. It really showcases what a good flow Ed has had even in the early years of his career. And he just keeps getting better.

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