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Grayscale Live From The TLA Is Enchanted, Philly Magic

Grayscale Live From The TLA Is Enchanted, Philly Magic

grayscale live at the tla

Grayscale Releases Live From The TLA, a digital EP, and it’s available now. 

If you’re from Philly or the surrounding area, you’re more than familiar with the concert venue Theatre of The Living Arts. Smack dab in the middle of South Street, it can easily be considered the heart and soul of the Philadelphia music scene. Countless genres, events, and friendships have found homes inside the walls of the TLA. Reliving the moments of sheer magic spent there is a thought that runs through every fan’s mind. Especially as the past year and a half has left a void in our concert-going hearts.

Finding their roots from the town itself, our hometown heroes, Grayscale, have heard our cries and have given us just enough to satisfy us (Even if temporarily because our need for Grayscale is constant, okay? Okay.). Recorded in October of 2019, the EP combines songs from the band’s 2019 sophomore album Nella Vita and their debut full-length AdornmentYou can stream the EP with your platform of choice here.

Even better? Each of the songs is paired with live black and white footage from the show itself. The quintet starts the album with the jammer ‘In Violet,’ a significant song for both the fans and band. Welcome home Grayscale, we’ve missed you.

Grayscale – ‘In Violet (Live From The TLA / 2019)’

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Commemorating a seriously special show, the happiness radiates from each member and bounces between every single body in the room. Transitioning into ‘Painkiller Weather,’ the ode to summer is welcomed by fans as the band showcases the combined talent of each member.

Grayscale – ‘Painkiller Weather (Live From The TLA / 2019)’

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Off of the band’s debut Adornment, ‘Fever Dream’ is the third track from the four-song EP. So sit down, but don’t shut off because there is no holding back when it comes to this one. Grayscale goes hard, but is it possible the crowd goes harder? The pure emotion evoked from this song, this show – It’s enchanted, Philly magic. 

Grayscale – ‘Fever Dream (Live From The TLA / 2019)’

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The closing track is a fan favorite and an absolute necessity which also comes from the debut album. We wonder what’s hotter, the track or the venue itself? A flawless end to an exceptionally executed live EP, we’re not crying. You are. Alright, fine, maybe we are too.

Grayscale – ‘Atlantic (Live From The TLA / 2019)’

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The band shares, “With the return of live music approaching, we went ahead and mixed four songs from our 2019 headlining live performance in our hometown of Philadelphia before the world shut down. This was our first-ever headlining tour and it is an important part of our band’s history. We’re ready to be everywhere this summer, fall, and beyond. Get ready.”

That is and was, a part of history, and if you weren’t as lucky as us to be a part of it, now you can be. Catch the band on Sad Summer fest or tour with All Time Low and The Maine by scooping tix here, and try to be patient as the homies work on their third full-length. 

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What was your favorite off of the EP? How ready are you for the return of Grayscale? Let us know your thoughts! Comment down below or hit us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Atom Splitter PR

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