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MARINA Explores The Depths Of Ancient Pop

MARINA Explores The Depths Of Ancient Pop

From the heart of Wales to our Electra Heart, MARINA is back this week with her fifth album in her career. What can we expect from it? We don’t really know because the former diamond goes from ethereal pop to powerhouse grooves. It’s so eclectic and, as our colleagues said previously at THP, we don’t wanna wake up. Close your eyes, drown in sleep, and keep the Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land haunting your head.

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Be Different! It’s Alright!

You don’t have to be like everybody else,” slams MARINA on her futuristic space-sounding infused opener. The title track ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ retro vibes reminds us loads of the synth-pop aesthetic of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia. Do you wanna leave this ‘Man’s World?’ The upbeat melodic falsetto vocals of the Welsh songstress are pure magic! Girl power is at its peak with that deep lyricism. The album is a great way to ‘Purge The Poison.’ MARINA’s infectious high notes are hitting us like witchy spells.

Bang! We forget all our problems!

‘Venus Fly Trap’

Did you ever dream of being Twiggy or Nancy Sinatra? MARINA’s replica on ‘Venus Fly Trap’, her brand new single, is stunning. From her swinging sixties outfit to her B-series movie-inspiring visuals, the singer is trapped with monsters sneaking around. “Lying awake all weekend / Like a bug stuck in a Venus flytrap,” she introduces it with her joyful and powerful voice. Lockdown had a huge impact on us and the track is the perfect description of it. The melody reassures us and the guitar hooks give us good chills.

Don’t forget to set your clocks and check your television channels’ local listings. MARINA will perform the track on Late Night with Seth Meyers in the US this Monday night. Don’t miss it!

An Angel On Tour

Are you feeling melancholic? MARINA can fix that for you. Co-written by James Flanigan, who previously worked with our dearest Hayley Kiyoko, the Welsh singer-songwriter has some bops. But, she also has some smooth dreamy tracks on Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land. How could we not cry while listening to ‘Pandora’s Box’ angelic tones? Fans of Billie Eilish would love the poetic ‘Flowers,’ growing in all sensibility. Discover the whole album live and more soon. Yeah, our queen is going on tour next year!

From February 2022, she will charm everyone with her bewitching tones on stage. Mark your calendar! The presale starts on June 14th. For more details, head here. Who’s with us?

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Do you fancy the musical trip of your lifetime? Grab Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land here. Can you tell us which one is the track that describes your nightly adventures the most? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Music Group

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