NUUXS’ ‘Lemongrass’ Is Our New Sentimental Jam

NUUXS’ ‘Lemongrass’ Is Our New Sentimental Jam

If you haven’t heard of this artist yet, let us introduce you. NUUXS‘ ‘Lemongrass’ is perfect for your summer playlist!

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On ‘Lemongrass,’ a new single from her debut album Heirloom, due on September 3, NUUXS takes us on a nostalgic journey. Paired with a sentimental music video that has NUUXS silhouetted over photos and videos of her father’s family and her childhood, the song is a dreamy tribute to NUUXS’ heritage.

‘Lemongrass’ is full of elegant, delicate vocals and piano, as well as a soulful charm that resonates with us so profoundly. We don’t have to be a part of NUUXS’ family to feel how sentimental ‘Lemongrass’ is. The lyrics are personal, but as listeners, we relate to them too.

Debut Album

The song treasures her Laos heritage, an example of what we’ll hear on her debut album Heirloom in September. Full of introspection and poignant lyrics like “you would tell me in your silence / you will always have me,” NUUXS’ ‘Lemongrass’ is a captivating portrait of her family. It definitely shows that we can expect more mesmerizing music like this from her album.

This track is a dedication to my Papa and just from an adult point of view as to what he must have been through as a Lao refugee. I will be forever grateful for what he has shown me in his silent ways and I also wanted to touch on the beautiful Lao culture I am so lucky to know and be a part of. Thank you to my family and all the Lao community.


Born in France, NUUXS (pronounced Nooks) was raised in a cult where she was cut off from wider culture. In school, she was able to form an indie band and begin writing music for local grime artists in London. Combined with her unique brand of alt-pop, NUUXS has a distinctive and important presence as an artist and performer.

Her music is a mix of alternative pop with soulful undertones, borne from influences like TLC, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and her background in Christian music.

Trust us, you should pay attention to NUUXS.

You can listen to ‘Lemongrass’ here now!

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