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Olivia O’Brien Once Again Proves She’s The Real Deal

Olivia O’Brien Once Again Proves She’s The Real Deal

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It’s finally here! Our girl Olivia O’Brien has released Episodes: Season 1! This release is long-awaited by us here at The Honey POP as we are massive Olivia O’Brien stans!

This portion of Episodes is six tracks long and consists of the previously released track, ‘Sociopath,’ as well a collaboration with Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon. We truly can hardly wait to deep dive into this record. We know Olivia O’Brien is going to blow us away per usual.

Aside from the release of Episodes: Season 1, Olivia O’Brien has released dates & tickets for her fall headlining tour! You can find all the information here!

Stream Episodes: Season 1 here!

Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

We know her, we love her! The entire concept behind this song and music video was beyond genius. We’ve raved about this track to anyone who will listen since its release and love seeing where it fits on this record. It’s the perfect opening track!

‘Call Mom’

Holy sh*t! Olivia O’Brien sounds so good in this track. This song was like a punch in the gut; it’s all about the pitfalls of the music industry. It’s all about how you just want to go home to your old life and get away from the machine and fake friends. We love this message and love that Olivia O’Brien has an outlet to let out this hurt.

‘No More Friends’ With Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon

Any song with Oli Sykes on it we are on board with! This pop-punk-infused track fits Olivia’s voice perfectly, and we could listen to an entire record of just this sound from her. All hail our new pop-punk queen.

‘Keep It Movin’

One of our favorite tracks from this record! We will never be over the line, “any girl you f*cked probably listened to my music.” Go off and let them know, Olivia! We love the confidence this song exudes. This energy is entirely unmatched! Olivia O’Brien has grown so much with her sense of self since her first EP, and it’s so evident here.

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‘We’re All Gonna Die’

This is it! ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ just jumped to the title of our favorite all-time Olivia O’Brien song. The attitude of ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ is the mindset we’re taking into summer with us. It’s time to live life to the fullest because what’s the point if you don’t?

‘What Happens Now?’

What a closer! It’s definitely slowed down compared to a lot of the record, but we loved this change of pace. We are ready to scream these words at her live show. It’s a must. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect song on this record to play us out. Olivia O’Brien was so clever with song placement.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song off of Episodes: Season 1? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

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