Surfaces Is Coming In Hot This Summer!

Surfaces Is Coming In Hot This Summer!

Watch out Surfaces is coming through with all the new stuff! The kings of Summer are releasing new music and going on tour. What a treat! Their fourth album Pacifico will be out on June 25th and is available for pre-order here!


The album will consist of 16 tracks as well as the singles they’ve released so far. We got a chill dance track with ‘Wave of You’ and a track perfect for a bonfire with ‘So Far Away.’ Surfaces also gave us ‘Next Thing (Loverboy),’ a heartfelt acoustic track with a slow snapping beat. The singles have gotten so much love from fans, including us! We’ve heard so many different sounds from them so far which is giving us an idea of how the album might sound! We’ve gotten nothing but bops so far, and we’re so excited for the real deal to be released!

We just wanted to make an album that harnessed the feeling of where we recorded it. We decided to get back to our roots and record with home audio equipment in a living room surrounded by nothing but open windows to capture the energy of each day in Malibu. For almost a month we woke up to this special scenic outlook and just made what that feeling gave us, hoping that our fans would be able to hear what we were seeing.


It’s Good 2 Be Back!

But that’s not the last of Surfaces you’ll be seeing! They announced their tour will feature guests, Verzache, khai dreams, and Public Library Commute. All these artists are so different but will be perfect together! We just know the show is gonna be full of good vibes and lots of dancing! Buy your tickets for the Good 2 Be Back Tour here.

Image Source: Surfaces Twitter Page

We love Surfaces around here, and we’re pumped for what the future holds for them. Check out an article we wrote about one of their albums here! We just know it’s gonna be an amazing year for them!

Are you as excited about the album as we are? What’s your favorite single so far? Will we be seeing you on the G2BB tour? Chat with us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Surfaces Twitter Page

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