Tyler Posey releases fun new video for latest single ‘Happy’

Tyler Posey releases fun new video for latest single ‘Happy’

Tyler Posey is a jack of all trades and has mastered everything he’s put his mind to. From acting to music, he’s pretty much done it all and succeeds at it as well – we are convinced there’s nothing this man can’t do! Earlier this week, he released a new solo track called ‘Happy’ and has recently uploaded the new music video for the new single.

Image Source: @TylerGPosey On Twitter
Image Source: @TylerGPosey On Twitter

More About The Latest Single

Tyler wrote the hard-hitting pop-punk track with John Feldmann and Phem, who also helped him write his debut single ‘Shut Up.’ His latest single, ‘Happy,’ has a very energetic and almost uplifting feel to it. Despite this, the topic of the lyrics being more of a dismal one. The song carries a very personal and important message that delves into Tyler’s more intimate side.

“This song is a bit of a juxtaposition in that it’s called ‘Happy.’ The lyrics are kind of anything but. Small talk is full of sh*t today. When someone asks, ‘How are you?’ and you are honest with someone about mental health issues, it could make them uncomfortable and judge you, So why not just say you’re happy and not deal with the bullsh*t? That’s what this song is about.”

Tyler Posey

Tyler is no stranger to being vocal on topics such as mental health and anxiety. He has regularly used his social media during isolation in the pandemic to talk in more depth about taking care of yourself and your well-being. He has opened up about his personal struggles and has admitted that writing alongside John Feldmann has been like therapy for him.

This new chapter of Posey’s career is full of personal reflection and growth, grounded by his elastic voice, juxtaposing a devil-may-care growl and smooth-throated pop-punk sheen. We sure can’t wait to hear more from him!

The enthusiastic music video for ‘Happy’ is a very simplistic one and shows Posey on a lonely road, running along while singing the lyrics. He seems very cheerful, but with the nature of the song, it seems very cynical, giving the video a more intriguing feel.

Watch The Video Here!

With the release of the new single, he also has launched a new merchandise line. It includes shirts, hoodies, and more, all inspired by his newest music! Check out the shop here.

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Featured Image Source: Storm Santos

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