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Here’s Why The BTS Hype is Totally Justified

Here’s Why The BTS Hype is Totally Justified

Over the course of almost a decade, BTS have been putting blood, sweat, and tears into their craft and went from being the underdogs to real icons in the industry. They’re making history, breaking records, and still have shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We know most of you reading this are ARMY and understand just why our boys are so big, but if you’re new around here or are just stopping to think, “well, why are they this big?” We’re breaking down why the BTS hype is totally justified.

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Here’s Why The BTS Hype is Totally Justified The Honey POP
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They’re such hard workers who have put in so much effort since the beginning which led them to the top

Since day one, BTS has been putting their absolute everything into their work. Coming from a smaller entertainment company, they had to do a lot more to grab the general public’s attention. During their debut, they’d be practicing between 12-15 hours a day. Of course, we know that hard work has paid off, but it doesn’t mean they’re taking it easy. Their continuous efforts and refusal to take a backseat having reached success is the reason why they’re still at the top. True hard workers!

They are artists who aren’t afraid to try something new and not be confined to one box

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has delved into a plethora of genres. From hip hop to EDM, Latin pop to funk rap, R&B to emo rock – they’ve even given Trot a go (shoutout to ‘Otsukare’!) The Bangtan boys don’t restrict themselves in what music they make and have an overall eclectic sound. Their everchanging sound offers something fresh and new, keeping fans and listeners alike on their toes. It’s always exciting when a new comeback is on the horizon, and you genuinely don’t know what to expect. Not every artist can pull off such a wide range of styles, but for BTS, it comes like second nature.

The bond between them and ARMY is undeniably strong

It comes as no surprise that BTS’s number one love is, of course, ARMY! The love they have for their fans is truly on another level. You’ll often find them getting emotional talking about them, and the bond between the boys and ARMY is something so incredibly strong. Being part of the fandom, you can feel the love from each and every member being reciprocated. ARMY is BTS’s priority as much as BTS is theirs. It’s such a beautiful relationship. We’re welling up just talking about it. *Ahem* Moving on…

Their music speaks on important topics

BTS has a strong collection of songs that aren’t just fun to vibe to but actually convey strong social messages. They have an entire concept of the Bangtan Universe, which has an ongoing unfolding story which has themes relating to the coming of age, such as the beauty and struggles of youth, facing temptation and inner conflict, and the idea of trying and failing to love and be loved while hiding under a mask. The characters the members play in the Bangtan Universe interpret dealing with societal pressures, family mental health issues, poverty, maturity, regret, fear of the future, and more. These are all topics that the majority – if not all – of their fans can relate to and find comfort, with the opportunity of an “aha” moment to present itself with an opportunity for learning or finding an answer that the listener has been searching for. You’re truly getting more than just a catchy song by cute boys when you listen to BTS.

They have a huge hand in philanthropy work

Besides their known work, such as The Love Myself campaign with UNICEF, BTS is actually silent givers. But, with being such major artists, it doesn’t take too long to learn about their philanthropy work. From the $1 million donations to Black Lives Matter to donating directly to the families of those lost during the Sewol Ferry Disaster back in 2014, BTS is always conscious of the power and privilege they now have as global stars and use that to be able to give back. Whether a group effort or individual members giving personal acts of kindness, their work to support charities and important causes is continuous and also reflects back onto their fanbase who take after their idols. There is always some sort of fan-based fundraiser going on, whether on an international scale or taking place amongst a more local-based fan community. ARMY can see what BTS does and know they should take a leaf out of their book and use their powerful platform as a fandom to mirror their actions.

They’re still grounded

We all know by now that BTS are living legends who will go down in music history. While that may seem to be a significant ego boost for many, for these seven boys, they’re just as humble as the day they debuted. We could list many examples, but if you watch Bon Voyage or In The Soop, you can truly see how they are just some normal guys in an abnormal situation. Not to mention how excited they get over winning something like a rice cooker on Run BTS! They also tend to get just as giddy with being in the presence of other greats who they admire or by attending high-end events, and they enjoy things like bike rides along the Han River, going fishing, or anything your typical 20-something is into. We just know they’re so much fun to be around off-camera and off-stage. We stan humble kings!

They are the voice of youth

As we’ve already mentioned, a lot of BTS’s topics are relatable to young people. Their music that keeps on getting continuous attention covers themes of issues young people face and offers a think piece to those who are willing to listen. Through their artistry, they are advocating for the younger generations, who are often overlooked or spoken over. BTS know just how important young people are to society and the future and are amplifying the voices of youth in conversations such as the education system being too harsh, having to give up dreams to please parents, challenging society’s conventional ideal outcomes, and deconstructing the myths of pursuing economic stability equals the expectations of older generations. With a considerable amount of young people being silenced or underestimated because of their age, BTS using their platform to make noise brings more attention to these issues and discussions that need to be addressed.

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