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James Arthur’s Single ‘September’ Has Left Us In Tears

James Arthur’s Single ‘September’ Has Left Us In Tears

James Arthur September

Put your usual love tunes down, and grab a tissue because James Arthur is back with another melodic love anthem, and he intends to put a ring on it with his latest summer single, ‘September.’ Listen to it right now!

An emotional acoustic-meets-trap mid-tempo ballad, ‘September’ will take you down memory lane as you reminisce about a relationship of your own, or on a new adventure as you explore James’s through the engaging visuals.

James’s Amazing Songwriting Skills Shine Through

James has poured his heart out in this song as he goes from one phase of a relationship to the next, taking us through that first sight, the chase, and the acceptance. ‘September’ takes it a notch higher, leaving us in awe, as it talks about wishing to start a family with the love of your life, despite all the highs and lows and your own shortcomings. The lyric video, with exceptionally amazing artistic visuals, makes the listening experience beautiful altogether.

“Basically the song is about being a massive f*ck-up but being with the perfect human being who sticks with you. It’s about the undeniable love you have for that person and wanting to start a family with them.”

– James Arthur on ‘September’

The song opens with minimalistic instrumentals and gives way to what we adore the most – James’s ethereal vocals resounding with crystal guitar strums. The lyrics dictate a story packed with emotion, love, and passion. Switching between moments that will make you smile, weep, and drop your jaws in endearment, ‘September’ has made it to our ultimate James Arthur collection already!

J Army, There’s More In The Store

It’s not the first time James has done it. Surely you remember the banger that was ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ that lived rent-free on your playlist? Not so long ago, James also showed us a more personal peek into his life with ‘Medicine,’ which is also looping around on our playlist. Truly, it’s never enough when it comes to his music.

Well, good news J Army! Our sunshine is coming with a brand new album, It’ll All Make Sense In The End, on October 8th this year. You can pre-order the album here and dive right into the excitement pool with us!

“With this album from day one, there was a sound that I wanted to go for. Even early on, it sounded like a real album, a proper body of work. This is the first time I’ve made an album all in one place, and you can hear this in the music. There’s something really comfortable about working in your own home with less people – I was able to be more vulnerable than ever.”

James Arthur on It’ll All Make Sense In The End.

James’s 4th long-play release, It’ll All Make Sense In The End will feature both ‘September’ and ‘Medicine,’ and a whole catalog of more open-ended, boldly autobiographical, and vulnerable songs that we can’t wait to listen to!

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Featured Image Source: James Arthur via Instagram.

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