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Lorde Chats With Apple Music About ‘Solar Power’

Lorde Chats With Apple Music About ‘Solar Power’

Since 2017, we’ve been eagerly waiting for some new music from Lorde. Well, surprise! She dropped her new single ‘Solar Power’ on June 10th and we’re obsessed! She sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about her vision and influences for the new track. Check out her full interview with Apple Music here!

Sampling The Summer

Drawing inspiration from her summer in New Zealand, Lorde said that she created this track after spending a day outdoors and writing about it. We can definitely hear that influence in the song, it’s such a chill track that’s perfect for sunsets on the beach. From the guitar to the layered vocals, there’s something about the track that is so natural and pure! Based on what she has put out before, Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ is different and it shows the way she has evolved as a musician over the years. 

We had just been for a big swim all day. My hair was wet and when I came back into my room, I had made a little Yamaha DX keyboard, and I just started singing and kind of figuring this thing out. I was like, what is this? It almost felt like a “Rock DJ” to me the Robbie Williams song. I was like, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I love it.

Lorde to Zane Lowe on Apple Music

Solar Sunshine!

Directed by Joel Kefali and Lorde herself, we got an official music video for the track, check it out here!

The video just screams Summer! From her yellow outfit to filming it on a beach, we feel her influences directly which gives the track a whole new vibe. The whole attitude for the track and video is carefree and magical. Lorde even explained how she drew influence from Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’ in an interview with Apple Music. Take a listen and see the different elements she drew from the tune, it’s fascinating! 

A Bright Future

With a new album on the way, we have so much to look forward to. Lorde discussed her collaboration with Jack Antonoff and how supportive he was in her vision for the sound she was going for.

You know, he’s down for any idea. And when I came to him about this album, I was like, look, I have this crazy vision. We’re going to have all these organic instruments. You’re going to play a sh*tload of guitar and we’re going to see what happens. And he was like, cool. Okay. Sounds good. And we just had the best time. He just, he’s down for whatever I love that about him.

Lorde to Zane Lowe on Apple Music

Also revealed in her interview with Apple Music, we can look forward to some collaborations with female artists like Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers. We’re obsessed with these artists and we can’t wait to see what art they made on the album. We got Pure Heroine in 2013 and Melodrama in 2017, but get ready for a whole new album from the queen herself! While the official release date remains unknown, stay tuned for more announcements in the future from Lorde.

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So, are you excited about this new single from Lorde? Have you missed her as much as we have? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. You can also chat with us on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Solar Power (Official Music Video) via Lorde’s YouTube Channel

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