Calvin Harris & Tom Grennan Are ‘By Your Side’ This Summer

Calvin Harris & Tom Grennan Are ‘By Your Side’ This Summer

It’s that time of the year again when you know that you have to drop every other job and put your dancing shoes on because you hear the name, Calvin Harris. We expect you to be well adjusted by now.

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The GRAMMY-winning producer released a music video for his latest summer anthem ‘By Your Side’ and if you don’t see us blasting it on repeat for weeks to come, you can judge us – you have our permission. Listen to the song right here!

Sunflowers Are In Full Bloom For The Calvin Harris Season

A blend of pop-rock and EDM, it is a feel-good, coming-of-age track that hits you with a feeling of nostalgia about the years when Electronic Dance Music was just being born in its cradle. Check out the video right away:

Calvin Harris has brought in British musician on the rise, Tom Grennan for the vocals and there couldn’t have been a better fit. His indie accent is the diamond in the ring and his brimming energy is what breathes life to the sick beat!

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Harris And Grennan Deliver The Finest

The song ‘By Your Side’ is the pint of lemonade with a shot of tequila that you ache for, on a hot afternoon. And director Emil Nava has not held back on the summer imagery, in the least. Throughout the video, the most prominent visual that the eye catches is the sunflower art amidst the backdrop of a desert. Give us a better summer metaphor, we’ll wait.

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When you get a little lonely / And you lose your head then don’t give up the fight / When you wake up in the morning / Darling, I’ll be by your side.” The lyrics hit us hard with some Monday motivation and an inspiration to fight loneliness, laced in that spunky melody that we can’t get over!

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We also see Tom grooving to the beat like his rent is due, and man, do we have moves to learn from him! Calvin Harris likewise makes a dashing appearance and to say he looks ravishing in those aviators, would be a lethal understatement.

Whether you’re laying on the grass with your eyes closed in the sunshine, or shimmying in raves with your friends, ‘By Your Side’ covers it all! Can we ever get enough of CH, though? That was a rhetorical question. Check out all the Calvin Harris content we have for you right here!

So, grab some sunscreen and a bathing suit, it’s time to hit a pool party because we have just the right track for it! A beach works equally fine. Comment below your thoughts on the song or tweet us @TheHoneyPop. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Want more summer anthems for the season? What are friends for? Here you go.



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