jokes on you: the bedroom ballets Live Album From guccihighwaters

jokes on you: the bedroom ballets Live Album From guccihighwaters

jokes on you: the bedroom ballads ‌by guccihighwaters is available now on all streaming platforms! ‌


Releasing the emotional masterpiece of an album jokes on you at the start of this year, guccihighwaters has proved his place in the industry. In celebration of the debut release, he recently hosted a Livestream performance. Within the stream, he performed reworked versions of songs off the album in a set designed to reflect his bedroom recording studio. The songs selected were a handful of tracks from jokes on you that were found to be fan favorites. ‌

Creating the melancholic atmosphere that we know, expect, and love from guccihighwaters was seamlessly paired with his powerful vocals over haunting keys, a soulful string section, and beautifully clean beats. The Livestream is available for your viewing pleasure in full on YouTube, and now the re-imagined live recordings are also available on all streaming platforms here. ‌ ‌

While the performance in its entirety is one that we plan on watching repeatedly (and you should too), we’ve highlighted some of our favorites here:

Following track ‘tragedy’ is the song ‘hold somebody‘. Introed with elegant piano played by Joy Morales, guccihighwaters’ varied vocals join in. The verse itself has already been an emotional one for us, but the passion behind his voice in this performance has us, too, longing to hold somebody. ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌

guccihighwaters – ‘hold somebody’

Track three ‘straight jacket‘ needs love too, and that we give it. A stripped-down version of this song is one we didn’t know just how much we needed. Stream it here.

But track four is what we’re here to talk about. ‘highschool’ is one of our favorites, so there should be no surprise it’s on our highlights of this performance—showcasing the talent behind the string section. With Maria Im and Chiara Fasi on violin, and Kristine Kruta on cello, we’re left with chords of sheer excellence. A reflection of young love takes us back to high school, but we don’t wanna stay too long.

guccihighwaters – ‘highschool’

Another piano fronted track, ‘novocaine,’ accentuates its excellence in this super stripped version. Numb? Yeah, we’re pretty paralyzed by it too.

The record’s final song is a remarkable one on its own, but the added orchestra takes it to an otherwordly level. We couldn’t forget a feature from nothing, nowhere. could we? Seeing these two in their element does something to us. And we like it.

guccihighwaters – ‘rock bottom (feat. nothing, nowhere.)’

While we’re sad it is over, we can’t believe this won’t convince you to watch the stream or download jokes on you: the bedroom ballets because it’s filled with facts. Let us know which reworked live version track was your favorite. We have to know! Catch us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or hit us up on Facebook, or Instagram!

While you’re at it catch more live EP reviews here!


Featured Image Source(s): Courtesy of Epitaph Records

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