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Can We Talk About Judge Renslayer From Loki?

Can We Talk About Judge Renslayer From Loki?

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Loki premiered last week and while we wait for a new episode this Wednesday, we’re rewatching the first one over and over. And we have thoughts about it we’d like to share. Mainly, we’re thinking of the new characters who were introduced, like Agent Mobius and Judge Renslayer. But before we get to it, let’s get one thing straight: Gugu M’Batha Raw and Owen Wilson are killing it!

They’re interesting because they seem to be on opposite sides of the “to trust Loki or not to trust Loki” debate. While Mobius thinks the Loki we met in the first episode may be the key to stopping the other variant(s) causing trouble, Judge Renslayer doesn’t seem to agree. In fact, when he suggests that, she looks like she’d never let either of them leave the TVA if she could.

Judge Renslayer also seems like the kind of person who doesn’t really question anything her superiors say. If the Time-Keepers say it, that’s it, that’s the right path, no questions asked. We saw a little glimpse of that during Loki’s trial, where she goes in circles when he questions what the Time-Keepers do and what she herself does. That was most likely the first time anyone has ever talked back to her and asked her why that’s how things happen.

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We hope to see many things this season, one of them is how Loki’s chaotic nature will affect Judge Renslayer. She’ll be put in a position where she must reevaluate everything she knows. We can feel the character development from here! We bet there’ll be more scenes where Agent Mobius and Judge Renslayer argue about this Loki variant. That should be interesting, right? And by the way, tell us we weren’t the only ones noticing how there seems to be something going on there. Maybe something has gone wrong in a past TVA mission and she’s still angry with him about it? We don’t know, but we really want to find out.

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