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Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Musical Siblings

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Musical Siblings

Obviously we, here at THP, love music. However, one of our favorite things is a family full of musicians. And let’s be honest, there are so many talented musical siblings out there. From the Hoods to the Jungs, we could spend days listing them all off, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to limit this list to just a few of our favorite musical siblings.

Billie Eilish And Finneas O’Connel

Image Source: MattyVogel

Who doesn’t love Billie and Finneas? They’re one of the most well-known sibling duos in 2021. Billie‘s older brother Finneas has been there with her every step of her career. Can you say who’s the best big brother? Not to mention how well they work together. Billie and Finneas have written many amazing songs together, including ‘bad guy’ and ‘everything i wanted.’ Obviously, this sibling duo had to be on our list!

Calum Hood And Mali-Koa Hood

Image Source: Calum Hood via Instagram

Those who are our frequent readers here at THP know that both 5sos and Mali-Koa are very high up on the list of people we love. Come on, you all knew this list wouldn’t be complete without Mali-Koa and Calum Hood. When it comes to talent, the Hood family won. Calum and Mali-Koa both have angelic voices and are amazing songwriters. Calum is also a legendary bassist for 5 Seconds of Summer and both siblings play the piano beautifully. What can’t these two do?

Nia And Rena Lovelis

Image Source: Rena Lovelis via Instagram

We absolutely adore the sisterly love between Hey Violet frontwoman Rena Lovelis and drummer Nia Lovelis. These two are more than just sisters and bandmates, they’re also best friends. Rena and Nia are always together, from going out and having fun or gaming with fans to working in the studio. The talent between these sisters is unreal! Between the two, there is lots of emotional songwriting, angelic vocals, drumming, and both bass and piano playing. To be honest, we want to be a part of the Lovelis family and have these two as our sisters.

Joe, Kevin, And Nick Jonas

Image Source: Jonas Brothers via Instagram

When someone mentions musical siblings the Jonas Brothers are the first people to cross our minds. They’ve held a special place in our hearts since childhood! Who doesn’t love Joe, Kevin, and Nick? These brothers have written so many bops together, from ‘Burnin’ Up’ back in 2008 to ‘What a Man Gotta Do‘ in 2020. We get so excited every time we see that the Jonas Brothers have new music coming and can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Brandi, Braison, Miley, Noah, And Trace Cyrus

Image Source: Billy Ray Cyrus via Instagram

The Cyrus clan share a love of music, just like their father. That’s right, while Miley and Noah may be the better-known Cyrus siblings, all of Billy Ray’s children are musicians. While all of the Cyrus children work in music, their sounds couldn’t be any different. Miley has experimented with different sounds, while her brother Braison currently sings folk music and Trace is a punk guitarist. However, her sisters aren’t all that different, as Brandi sings indie pop and Noah sings both indie and alternative. We’d love to see what these musical siblings could come up with together.

Alisa And Cristal Ramirez

Image Source: Shannon Beveridge

Fans of The Aces will understand our lover for sisters Alisa and Cristal Ramirez. The band’s drummer and singer have one of the greatest siblings bonds that we’re totally jealous of! These two work on everything together and we just love watching the pair doing goofy things together.

Chloe And Halle Bailey

Image Source: ChloexHalle via Instagram

One of our favorite duos here at THP is Chloe and Halle. The fact that these two are sisters makes us adore them even more! Pair this with the amount of work they put into their music and how much of it they create on their own and how could anyone not love them?


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Tegan And Sara Quinn

Image Source: Tegan and Sara via Instagram

Everyone knows and loves the Tegan and Sara hit ‘Closer.’ These two have many more hits to accompany this song, one being ‘Everything is Awesome.’ Let’s face it, this twin duo only makes bops. How could we not include them in this list? We know you all love them as much as we do!

Jaden And Willow Smith

Image Source: Willow Smith via Instagram

Everyone knows about Will Smith’s children. While these siblings are both known for many different things, we want to focus on their music today. That’s right, while many of you know Willow from ‘Whip my Hair’ and Jaden from Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’ remix, these siblings have matured, and so has their music. It’s about time you look into some of the newer songs both Jaden and Willow Smith have been working on.

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Aly And AJ Michalka

Image Source: Aly and Aj via Instagram

We, here at THP, have been known to show our love for Aly and Aj a time or two. But how could we not? Between the sisterly love and the amazing songs what’s not to love? if you’re not already a fan of Aly and Aj then what are you waiting on?

Jessica And Krystal Jung

Image Source: Jessica Jung via Instagram

It doesn’t matter if you came to know Jessica as a member of Girls’ Generation or her solo music, if you know Krystal from f(x) or if you know of them together as the Jung sisters. If you know these two then you know they’ve got some serious talent. While we love all their music, our favorite is when we get to hear Jessica and Krystal sing together.

These are just a few of the many musical siblings we adore! Who are your favorite musical siblings? Did we miss them? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter @thehoneypop!

Looking for more articles on some of your favorite siblings? Trust us, we’ve got you!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor, THP Graphic Design Team

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