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TWICE Release Mini-Album With An ‘Alcohol-Free’ Gift

TWICE Release Mini-Album With An ‘Alcohol-Free’ Gift

You can’t judge us for freaking out this time because what would you do if you found out that we would be getting a Summer TWICE mini-album comeback? Exactly. Go ahead, freak out with us.

2021 has been the year for our girls, opening it with a stellar performance on the TIME 100 Talks, a US broadcast debut on the Kelly Clarkson Show, and followed by a smashing hit, ‘Alcohol-Free’ that intoxicates you without a cure! And this year is far from being over for them.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment Via YouTube

TWICE Serve Love With A Side Of Musical Finesse

TWICE’s 10th mini-album Taste Of Love had had us dying with anticipation pre-release and now that is here, it is every drop of magic that the title promises.

The album was released on June 11 via Republic Records and the six-tracked collection of musical extravaganza has transcended boundaries, all the while flaunting its Latin themed beats!

Image Source: JYPETWICE Via Twitter

And just in case that wasn’t enough, TWICE has also served dessert in the form of an English rendition of ‘Cry For Me’ added as a bonus to the physical album. Well, we definitely are, crying for this!

Check out the track list and tell us if you ONCE spell happiness differently.

1. ‘Alcohol-Free’
2. ‘First Time’
3. ‘Scandal’
4. ‘Conversation’
5. ‘Baby Blue Love’
6. ‘SOS’
7. ‘Cry For Me’ English Version (CD Only)

So what are you waiting for, plug-in those speakers and stream the album right here!

‘Alcohol-Free’ Music Video Is Here!

Well, the drinks might be ‘Alcohol-Free,’ but we’re not holding back on them now because we are too excited about the music video of this lead track, and it stands as a shining star to the mini-album!

This is why we love TWICE- they know exactly how to love us back. Watch the ‘Alcohol-Free’ music video if you don’t believe us-

The video offers everything we stan TWICE for. Be it Jeongyeon’s impressive vocals, Momo’s killer moves, Chaeyoung’s underrated singing finally shining out, Nayeon’s visuals to die for, Jihyo slaying every note like a pro, Mina’s voice making us smile, our Dahyun rapping like sweet electricity, Sana brightening up our day with those eyes or Tzuyu rocking center lead enviably!

There’s coordinated choreography, plush vocals, kaleidoscopic costumes, cocktail glasses, beaches, fireworks, overflowing talent, and beauty that spreads joy like infectious confetti! There’s no surprise that “suddenly, love feels easier.”

“After breaking nearly every record in the K-pop book, TWICE have little to prove but they’ve still managed to hit a new artistic high.”

Billboard about TWICE

We never watch TWICE except with an ear-to-ear grin, a groove to the beat, and puppy eyes for fashion advice. And that’s how you would have found us when we were watching their performance at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Nothing makes our hearts burst with joy more than watching these ladies rise to no ends and take the world by storm to claim their rightful crowns! And with this long-awaited comeback, TWICE are officially on a roll! And we’re high on it like never before!

How much more content do we want on TWICE? ‘MORE & MORE.’ Well, we’re taking requests, so check out all we have on our girls in the hive!

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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Thirsty for more K-pop? Lucky for you, we’re hardcore fans in this hive and we have your back!


Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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