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Can Tomi Saario Be Our James Dean Already?

Can Tomi Saario Be Our James Dean Already?

Our Finnish sunshine Tomi Saario is back with an acoustic take on his banger ‘I Wanna Be Your James Dean,’ and we are in love! Listen to it right here!

As if the single wasn’t an absolute treat already, the acoustic version of ‘I Wanna Be Your James Dean’ has our hearts doing tiny little somersaults, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t wanna be loved old school? Or, better yet, who doesn’t wanna be loved old school by Tomi Saario?

It’s A Vocal Serve!

Enabling his stunning vocals to shine through impressive acapella sections, fused with vibrant harmonies, the track reminds us once again why ‘I Wanna Be Your James Dean’ is looping on our playlists and Tomi Saario in our heads! Tomi’s sharp vocal versatility reverberates amid minimal instruments and resounding beats mimicking our hearts!

Pushing you up on your feet with a wobbling head one moment, and low-key making you want to turn back time, this song delivers Tomi as the superstar of our silver screen!

I get nostalgic for a time when this fast-paced dating culture wasn’t really a thing, and people gave each other time and effort. Nowadays, everybody is so concerned about getting hurt that they actually never open up at all. And instead, end up playing unnecessary games with each other. I’m hoping we’ll still remember how to love one another in the end and stop idolizing toxic traits. We should all be able to have that movie-like romance in our lives that we so desire, without the worry of getting ghosted or used.

– Tomi Saario on ‘I Wanna Be Your James Dean’

The World Is Ready For Tomi Saario!

One of the most promising artists on the rise, Tomi Saario is one to watch out for! A man for blues since the age of seven, Tomi wrote his first song at the age of seventeen, turned down a promising career in football, and moved to London to play shows relentlessly, turning up at every open mic he could find to hone his performance skills.

Tomi’s debut single ‘Just A Little’ skyrocketed him to fame, and he only delivered more bangers after, like ‘Someone Like You,’ and ‘Coconut Water.’ Defeating the pandemic struggles, he is now heading towards an even bigger game with his debut EP I Think We Need To Talk, released last month! As we jam to ‘I Wanna Be Your James Dean’ today, we can’t wait to see what Tomi Saario has in store for the world next!

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Featured Image Source: Max Motel

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