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Top 7 Deckerstar Moments From Lucifer !

Top 7 Deckerstar Moments From Lucifer !

We all know and love how special the love story of the devil and the detective is and we can’t get enough of it! Even though season five has just come to an end, we can all cherish the moments of our all-time favorite pair. Here, we have the top seven Deckerstar moments from the amazing Netflix show, Lucifer. This post is not spoiler-free so proceed at your own risk!

“Have We Met Before?”

This adorable couple’s first meeting isn’t a meet-cute, but it is special given the amazing future they were going to have together. This scene from season one, episode one introduces us to Chloe Decker, Lucifer’s future love, as a detective from the LAPD and it is one of the best as Lucifer thinks that he has met her before and keeps bugging her with the question of whether they have met before. This short scene extends to be the first criminal case that they solved together. Many more to come and many more moments to adore!

Image Source: Still shot from episode 1, season 1, Lucifer via Netflix

Chloe’s Almost Death Bed

After being loved and nurtured by a human, Lucifer decides to go through hell again to save Chloe and it would mean Lucifer might have to stay there. This happens in season two, episode 13, and already in love, the Deckerstar love has started! In this episode, Chloe is poisoned and the only person who knows the antidote to it is dead. Wanting to save the life of the woman he loves, Lucifer goes down to hell again, the king goes back to his kingdom and what were the consequences you ask? He might actually die and never come back. The mortality of Lucifer lies with Chloe Decker, remember?

Image Source: Still shot from episode 13, season 2, Lucifer via Netflix

The Wings And The Face

This is one of the most favorite scenes for every Deckerstar fan. And why is that? It’s when another immortal celestial being on the earth, the son of Eve, Cain, falls for Chloe and wants her all for himself. Chloe decides to be with Lucifer and Cain decides to kill her with a cold heart. To save the woman he loves, Lucifer spreads his wings wide, cradling Chloe while she lays in his arms unconsciously. After Lucifer finishes off with Cain, Chloe sees Lucifer’s true face and fears being with him.

Image Source: Still shot from episode 24, season 3, Lucifer via Netflix

The King Goes Back To His Throne

This is the most emotional scene in the Deckerstar relationship. It happens in season four, episode 10 when Lucifer learns that Chloe can not love him after knowing his true face. He thinks that it is time for the king of hell to return to his throne. If you are a person who cries at the end of rom-coms, trust us you will sob at this scene more than ever. By this time, their relationship will drown you in love and it gets harder to see them breaking things off. Even after Chloe begs him to stay on earth, Lucifer decides to not change his decision.

Image Source: Still shot from episode 10, season 4, Lucifer via Netflix

“Our Mojo”

Lucifer possesses a mojo of his own, and it belongs only to him. He gets into the mind of others and makes them speak the truth to the question of, “What do you truly desire?” Throughout the series, Lucifer uses his mojo on suspects and witnesses of cases mostly, but sometimes even for his personal use. But the time comes when Chloe and Lucifer finally spend a night together and stabilize their relationship, out of fun Chloe asks him what does he truly desire. It works on him and they realize that they share the mojo now!

Image Source: Still shot from episode 7, season 5, Lucifer via Netflix

Queen Decker

After Lucifer controls the chaos his twin brother Michael created on the earth, Lucifer goes back to Chloe. After knowing why his father was losing his memory and wanting to resign from the position of God, Lucifer decides to take the throne, while Amenadiel decides to stay with his son, Charlie, on earth. But as Michael and Lucifer are twins, they opt for democracy and put the throne up for a vote. Every one of their siblings except a few stand by Michael because unfortunately, he possesses the power to kill them which Lucifer doesn’t. But why doesn’t Lucifer quit? It’s because he wants to feel worthy of Chloe’s love and to make her the queen of the universe.

Image Source: Still shot from episode 15, season 5, Lucifer via Netflix

Her Death Is His Death

After Chloe is stabbed by Lucifer’s brother, Michael, she dies telling Lucifer how much she loved him. Lucifer holds back his anger towards his twin and goes back to heaven to save the love of his life. Even after knowing that he would burn into ashes, as he has been banished from heaven, he reaches heaven safely. Because he has the ring of immortality which was owned by Maze’s mother and is now Lucifer’s. He hands over the ring of immortality to Chloe only to not have her leave her daughter Trixie and her responsibilities behind. After she wakes up alive on earth, she tries to kill Micheal as she holds the power of Amenadiel’s necklace for the revenge of killing the man she loves but Lucifer comes back alive somehow and stops her and in the end, they pronounce the lovely couple as the king and queen of the universe, making love win!

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Image Source: Still shot from episode 16, season 5, Lucifer via Netflix

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Feature Image Source: Still shot from episode 13, season 5, Lucifer via Netflix

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