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10 Acoustic Songs That Are Just As Good As The Originals!

10 Acoustic Songs That Are Just As Good As The Originals!

Acoustic Songs

There’s nothing better than when an artist announces that they’re going to release an acoustic performance of one of their biggest tracks. And it’s even better when the acoustic sounds just as good as the original. Here are our top 10 favorite acoustic songs from some of our favorite artists here at The Honey POP!

1. ‘Confetti’ – Little Mix

The version of one of the trio’s latest singles ‘Confetti‘ is a slower more vocally driven rendition. Leigh Anne, Perrie, and Jade’s vocals on this song are utterly stunning, and their harmonies are on point, as always. This stripped-back version shows how talented each girl truly is. This version gives a completely new feel to the song which makes it even more beautiful. We’re obsessed with it and when you hear it, you will be too!

2. ‘Long Way Home’ – 5 Seconds Of Summer

With the release of their single ‘Good Girls,’ 5 Seconds Of Summer brought out this outstanding acoustic version of their song ‘Long Way Home’ on the EP. This rendition is incredibly enjoyable and shows this song in a completely new light. Unlike the original, it features a lot more soft and gentle instruments which make the song sound delicate and captivating. It fits the lyrics of the song perfectly and shows that 5SOS are talented at writing in any genre they set their mind to. The music compliments lead singer Luke Hemmings’ vocals perfectly making them stand out even more than in the original and the harmonies are just brilliant. An acoustic that you need to hear and should definitely not be slept on!

3. ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ – Sam Smith & Normani

‘Dancing With A Stranger’ is originally a more upbeat, party song but in this acoustic performance, it has much more of a relaxed feel to it. Both Sam’s and Normani’s vocals sound absolutely breath-taking together and on this stripped-back version of the song, their voices stand out a lot more than on the original. It displays them in a much more personal light which gives the song a very different vibe to it. It’s just as beautiful as the original but in a new, elegant way – it’s spectacular.

4. ‘Night Changes’ – One Direction

One Direction are no strangers to amazing live performances but this acoustic version of ‘Night Changes’ really proves it. The song in general is a gentle and stunning one and sounds just as good when made acoustic. Each of the boys’ vocals shines through and proves how talented each of them is. This song’s lyrics are very intimate and personal so to hear it stripped back makes it even more stunning. An acoustic that was too good not to include!

5. ‘The One That Got Away’ – Katy Perry

‘The One That Got Away’ was originally a slower song from Katy. Its soft and sad melody made this song utterly brilliant and gave her a huge amount of success. And of course, the acoustic is just as beautiful as the original! In this gentle version, Katy’s voice sounds sensational and illustrates just how incredible she is as an artist. The background vocals alongside hers make this song even more stunning. We didn’t think a song could get any better until we heard this version!

6. ‘Mercy’ – Shawn Mendes

This version of ‘Mercy’ is very simple but yet so beautiful. It simply shows Shawn playing his piano in this stripped-down rendition and very easily portrays how incredible his voice truly is. Unlike the original, as this song is just him and his piano, it really makes you focus on the lyrics and the story behind them. It captivates the song in a whole new light and gives this song a more intimate feel. This acoustic by Shawn is one of our favorites and one you definitely need to check out!

7. ‘Without Me’ – Halsey

Everyone knows Halsey is one of the best live performers ever and so this version of ‘Without Me’ is absolutely breathtaking. This stripped-down performance gives a completely new feel to the song and presents it in a more sad light, as the lyrics stand out a lot more. You can hear the passion Halsey puts into this song as they sing it and makes this version even more vulnerable and intimate. There are also a few lyric changes as she performs it a few years after the release which is heartwarming to hear as it proves that they have grown since recording this song. A beautiful new version to this well-loved song that everyone should have on their playlists!

8. ‘I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore’ – Waterparks

After a huge success on Tiktok and gaining millions of views with this song, Waterparks released an acoustic rendition of ‘I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore.’ This version consists of just Awsten and a guitar. The simplicity of this makes this song even more loveable and makes the lyrics stand out even more while showcasing Awsten’s great live performance skills. This fun yet a little cynical song is enjoyable and you should give it a listen if you haven’t already!

9. ‘Too Much To Ask’ – Niall Horan

The original version of ‘Too Much To Ask’ is a beautiful and delicate love song that can only get better when stripped down and made acoustic. The song’s lyrics are so desperate in the best kind of way and it’s such a personal song which makes this rendition so much more captivating. Niall’s vocals are also put on full display and do not disappoint. Overall, we could listen to this acoustic song on repeat for the rest of our lives and never get sick of it!

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10. ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ – Demi Lovato

In this fun and vibrant yet calmer version of ‘Sorry Not Sorry,’ Demi’s vocals shine through. Their power-house voice is the main focal point that makes this rendition stunning. The video shows Demi and their background vocalists performing a more tranquil performance but does not lose any of the confident and upbeat feel that the original does. ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is a super fierce anthem and we’re glad to say the acoustic is just as powerful!

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