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Here Is Why A Liam Payne India Tour Might Happen Soon

Here Is Why A Liam Payne India Tour Might Happen Soon

Is Liam Payne heading to India? Let’s see why fans think there is a chance Liam may come to India for future shows. Before we get into a probable LP India Tour, let’s see what Liam is on about currently.

Liam Payne, the 27-year-old renowned British singer-songwriter, is teasing us with new music after releasing his first solo album LP1 in December 2019. The album was no doubt a banger. The ‘Strip That Down’ singer first teased us with new music when he announced the final act of his live-stream, LP Show. During the show, Liam told fans, “I’m gonna take a little bit of time off, but next time you see me, it’ll be with new music.”

While we wait for Liam’s new music to release, his Indian fans are going crazy while speculating a possibility of an LP India Tour as Liam dropped a few hints about it recently while chatting with his fans on discord. Well, we can’t tell you for sure if the tour will actually happen or not, but we can sure hope for it.

You can join Liam Payne’s discord channel here.

Liam has shown his love for India many times before, as he knows that he has a huge fan base there. He said he would love to visit India and explore the culture. If that happens, it would be one of the biggest shows in India in a long time. We really can’t wait for that evening. As we dream of the tour, here is the ideal setlist for the event. Let’s see what we can expect from the tour.

‘Strip That Down’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Strip That Down”]

Let’s do some cool dance steps with Payno as we want him to start the show with the absolute banger ‘Strip That Down.’ The song features Quavo, and has the power to make anyone dance, and will start the show off with power. The song also turns four this year. We are so proud of Liam!


[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Remember”]

How can we forget when you gave us so much to ‘Remember,’ Liam? We wanna hear this beautiful rocky pop song if this tour happens. So, this goes straight to the setlist without any doubts. His soft and silky voice with the pop tone will blow up the show.


[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Slow”]

India, are you in a rush? If yes, then stop because now it’s time to get ‘Slow’ and enjoy the silky milky voice of Liam Payne. There is no chance we would say goodnight because “don’t tell me goodnight cause it means goodbye.” The music of this song with Liam’s voice gives us chills. Let’s get ‘Slow’ and get ready to enjoy something memorable, which you will remember for a lifetime whenever LP India Tour happens.


[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Polaroid”]

Indian fans are ready to have some ‘Polaroid’ moments with Liam. This song features Jonas Blue and Lennon Stella and takes us to the ‘Polaroid’ world where “We took a polaroid/ You signed your name upon it/ I put it in my wallet/ Hoping I’d see your face again.” We are hoping to see your face too, Liam!


[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Familiar”]

Liam’s tour would not be complete without us getting ‘Familiar.’ If the tour happens, are you ready to get ‘Familiar’ with Payno? Well, it’s undoubtedly a very big YES from us.

This song will make everyone’s feet warm and ready to dance. We wanna hear this Latin-tinged song, and it will surely set the stage on fire. The beat and the melody do their job perfectly, making people move!

‘Stack It Up’

“Wanna be livin’ it up in VIP?” Guess the next song is ‘Stack It Up,’ so wear your nice shoes and a t-i-e. Let’s stack it up with Liam. What a bop! We sure wanna see DJ Payno. This song never gets old, and the lyrics always call us. Let’s stack it up for Liam.

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‘Little Things’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Little Things”]

We all fell in love with Liam’s solo in ‘Little Things’ when he first performed it. Well, we need it more. We really adore this One Direction song, and Liam has owned this song in his own way with a beautiful rendition, and we can’t help but listen to it again and again.


[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Weekend”]

If the tour happens, we are hoping it will be on a Sunday or a Saturday. There is no other happiness than to end the ‘Weekend’ with Liam. This song keeps the serotonin levels up. The upbeat tempo is really heartwarming. It would be amazing. ‘Weekend’ with Liam is what we are really hoping for.


[apple_music_ad artist=”Liam Payne” song=”Midnight”]

We all wanna lay our mind and soul in the event and fall into ‘Midnight.’ This song really makes us feel like we are in a different world. His voice, the lyrics, and the music are so mesmerizing. During lockdown in 2020, this song literally saved us. ‘Midnight‘ is also one year old. Wow, time flies, but these songs never age. India, are you ready for the event?

This is our dream setlist if Liam decides to come to India for his show. Well, we would love to hear more, and if he sings songs from his upcoming album, it will be the icing on the cake. We are really looking forward to this mega tour happening one day.

What do you think about LP India Tour and his upcoming album-in-the-making? Can we get an exciting collaboration on his new album? Share your dream LP setlist with us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.


Featured Image Source: Andreas Rentz for Laureus via Getty Images

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