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Want New Music? LUCY ‘Got U’ With Their Comeback

Want New Music? LUCY ‘Got U’ With Their Comeback

New LUCY music means more masterpieces and more comfort songs – and they did not disappoint. LUCY is back with their single album for ‘I Got U,’ and it is everything we were hoping and waiting for and much more.

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LUCY Group Concept Photo For Gatcha!
Image Source: Mystic Story Entertainment

‘I Got U’

Everything about ‘I Got U’ is bright and happy. It’s such a feel-good song – and the summer vibe is there in the best way possible. This song is so addictive and it will get stuck in your head. Of course, the most unique side of LUCY is how they include violin in their music, but the vocals aren’t nearly talked about enough. It’s the way Sangyeop, the main vocalist, goes from falsetto to chest voice to build up to the drop, with his unique voice tone. What’s special about the verses is also the incredible bass line by Wonsang, and of course, how could we forget Gwangil’s sweet voice during the bridge. The bright instrumental drop that highlights Yechan’s skills as a violinist simply gives so much comfort. 

The music video for ‘I Got U’ is also definitely worth a watch as they create such dynamic and fun imagery with the three different settings. Again, it gives off such comfort. It’s just serotonin in form of art. What else can we say? It doesn’t get better than that.


Fortunately for us, LUCY didn’t only come out with a single, but also three songs as b-sides, and they’re just as good.

‘One by One’ is not only a highlight between the b-sides, but it is also a highlight in their discography. In this song, LUCY takes influences from genres they haven’t explored before, including way more synth and even using distortion on their voices for the pre-chorus – it almost gives an 80s vibe to the song. One thing we have to mention as well as how much the bass line slaps during the chorus. It’s a song that sounds way closer to usual pop than their previous songs. But by mixing these different influences with their usual elements, ‘One by One’ still carries the same feel as any other LUCY song.

And even though ‘One by One’ is a highlight, that doesn’t mean the other two songs in LUCY‘s single album for ‘I Got U’ aren’t amazing as well. Both songs are so bright and comforting. On one hand, ‘Buddy’ is the perfect song to escape the world, it’s simply made for a road trip and to forget about your problems. On the other hand, ‘Wonder’ is such an amazing feel-good song that closes this whole thing off wonderfully.

LUCY Group Concept Photo For Gatcha!
Image Source: Mystic Story Entertainment

These songs really capture everything we love about this band. Even though it is the type of mood we expect from them, they always have a way to make it new and refreshing. And with the way they include new elements and continue to grow while staying true to their style, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. This is a band you really should be stanning if you aren’t already.

What are your thoughts on LUCY’s ‘I Got U?’ What was your favorite song on Gotcha!? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Mystic Story Entertainment

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