Who Are The Champions? Queen Are The Champions!

Who Are The Champions? Queen Are The Champions!

If there’s one thing Queen have never done is write a bad song, that’s just facts. But they’re also the band with the most anthems under their belt. Last week, Queen The Greatest talked about one of those: ‘We Will Rock You,’ so naturally, this week, it’s all about ‘We Are The Champions,’ as it should be.

Now seriously, how does a single band write not one, but two instantly recognizable anthems within the space of two years? Only these four could be that powerful! And it seems like they knew it, even back then. We must say, people may have called the lyrics “arrogant” back in the 70s, but now we just see them as a fact: Queen are the champions of the world, and their careers are there to prove it.

And of course, we couldn’t possibly talk about ‘We Are The Champions’ without mentioning how much of an impact the song has had on so many people over the years. From its release, it was the song that closed every Queen concert, it was the song people would sing the loudest, and, most recently, it was the song used as a tribute to front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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‘We Are The Champions’ is sung and played every time a big victory happens. Your team won a game? Someone’s going to play ‘We Are The Champions.’ Putting together a graduation playlist? This song has to be there. Even if it’s a small victory like passing a test or getting tickets for a show you really wanted, you can blast ‘We Are The Champions’ on your headphones to celebrate. We know we’ve done it plenty of times.

All this talk about music got us curious, what’s your favorite Queen song? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll love to hear from you!

If you want more Queen in your life, here you go! No need to thank us.


Featured Image Source: via Queen’s official Instagram

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