Don’t Be Scared, Fall In Love With Brí

Don’t Be Scared, Fall In Love With Brí

You know that feeling when you discover an artist and instantly become hooked? Well, that happened with us and Brí! And it happened at the perfect time because we’re here to talk about her track ‘If I Wasn’t Scared.’ This track is a sneak peek into what we can expect from Brí’s debut album, Hide, due in October. If this is any indication of how much we’ll be in love with the album already, we can hardly wait!

Stream ‘If I Wasn’t Scared’ here!

Image Source: Constance Vance

There’s no question that Brí is a name we are going to be hearing for a long time. She’s got the singer-songwriter foundation we are always looking for in newer artists. You stand out in this industry when the words you’re singing are coming from your mind and heart. With ‘If I Wasn’t Scared’ you get a look into perhaps the role Brí plays in relationships. All of us can relate all too well because we also have trouble with commitment and letting walls down.

We see what is right in front of us and are too scared to reach about and grab it. We have never been able to put that to words but of course, Brí was able to do it so beautifully.

Image Source: Constance Vance

Brí has this incredibly beautiful, soft yet strong voice. It’s one that we’d put on a playlist next to the likes of Maisie Peters and Taylor Swift. The songwriting is on their level too! We’re sure ‘If I Wasn’t Scared’ will turn anyone who already isn’t, into a massive fan, just as we’ve become!

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Featured Image Source: Constance Vance

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