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Getting Ready for SEVENTEEN’s Your Choice

Getting Ready for SEVENTEEN’s Your Choice

seventeen your choice

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It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but in reality, the news that SEVENTEEN was releasing a mini-album was like a month ago, so that tells you how desperate we are for this comeback. Our favorite thing about comebacks, besides the comeback itself, is all the excitement leading up to the release. So, we’re going to review everything the group gave to us leading up to the event for you to look back on.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

It all started with the release of the concept video titled ‘Power Of Love’ that gave hints to what was to come, and honestly, the little animated video was too cute. It gave hints to releases such as the beautiful, ‘Bittersweet, a track featuring the trio of Mingyu, Wonwoo, and LeeHi. As well as showing us moments of the past, possible projects in the future, and different types of love. Followed quickly by the official schedule, which you can see above, along with three sentimental videos titled ‘Moments Of Falling In Love.’ Which featured important tracks for the beginning of SEVENTEEN such as ‘MANSAE,’ and ‘Pretty U’ and ‘Healing.’

Okay, now let’s talk about the official photos, the visuals SVT showed, we were not ready at all for.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment
Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

The pictures just give off the same vibes ‘Home,’ ‘Healing’ and ‘Fallin’ Flower’ give us. They all look so cozy and loving, almost like a warm hug. It’s almost reminiscent of pictures we would take with friends which makes them even more comforting. Also, the pictures of them staring at the camera while the others pass as a blur could 100% be movie posters. The different visuals each member gave us just blew us away and made us wonder what Your Choice has in store for us.


  1. Heaven’s Cloud
  2. Ready to love (Title track)
  3. Anyone
  4. GAM3 BO1 (HipHop Team)
  5. Wave (Performance Team)
  6. same dream, same mind, same night (Vocal Team)

Now we gotta say the pictures honestly are representative of the tracks, no matter how different the tracks may sound, they seem to all give off the same vibe as the pictures themselves. And when we first heard the highlight medley, we knew we were ‘Ready to love’ SEVENTEEN because each track seemed to somehow stand out amongst each other.

Once you get the official teasers for the title track, you just know how close the release really is. When we said we weren’t ready for Your Choice, the teasers for ‘Ready to love’ further prove that point. There was so much to unpack in both teasers. First off the backgrounds with all the balloons and flowers look so cool and visually pleasing. Second, the beat and vocals we know we aren’t ready for. Third and it kind of ties in with the first one, SEVENTEEN dancing in the rain?! And finally, there seem to be connections with other recent SEVENTEEN releases. We really got everything with these teasers.

You can get Your Choice here

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What was your favorite part of the Your Choice schedule? Which concept pictures were your faves? Tell us in the comments down below, on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

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