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MarthaGunn Cracks The Matches For A Fire Single!

MarthaGunn Cracks The Matches For A Fire Single!

Fall season will be rad for us, busy bees! Expect tons of new releases and tours. Smiles are coming back to our faces as well as house parties and gigs. Brighton, UK, five-piece, MarthaGunn are finally unveiling their first album Something Good Will Happen on September 17th! Throw your hands in the air and celebrate!

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It’s A Date!

The good news wave starts in a cool way! MarthaGunn just announced a new UK tour. It will follow the release of their upcoming debut album and we can’t wait! We hope you’ll be fast with your fingers. Click here to get your tickets or get some more details on this concert extravaganza. We don’t know what to expect on this tour! Though, one thing is sure. Don’t miss your chance to catch the band sending you lots of good vibes from the stage. Is it a date? Count us in!

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Sweet Divine Sounds

Yes, we’re 100% sure Something Good Will Happen in September. The delicate and sweet electro-pop from MarthaGunn is simply exquisite. In the meantime, you can enjoy the single ‘Giving In.’ The Brighton band emerges with divine beats and talks about resilience. “We can’t escape what we’re living in” sings Abi Woodman with an angelic voice.

Podcast, You Say?

While concerts were temporarily on hold (and they’re coming back, yay), the bands needed a certain connection with their fandom and the general public. Abi Woodman, the lead singer from MarthaGunn, met Black Honey, Flyte, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, and many other artists to showcase the importance of songwriting and music in this intricate world. MarthaGunn also kept themselves busy with Instagram lives and special online sets. We are all humans and need a hug sometimes. Music is our comfort and our connection with each other!

“I want to connect with people. The beautiful thing about songs is that you don’t have to know someone, but you can connect with them through the same song without saying anything. I want this album to be able to help people in some way, and give people the courage to leave a situation they know isn’t right for them, or for the other person. To go after the person they love and to know no matter how bad things may seem, it’s just a chapter. Things always get better.”

Abi Woodman explains about how the album is special.

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‘Holding The Fire’

The latest installment from Something Good Will Happen is like the yin and the yang. MarthaGunn explores dark loops while having bright and crystalline vocals. Produced by Eliot James who previously worked with some big names (Two Door Cinema Club, Kaiser Chiefs), ‘Holding The Fire’ has this tremendous soul and this new taster for the album set the bar high. After the success of Baby Queen’s polished pop sounds, let’s take a bet MarthaGunn will be included in your new favorite list. Stream wherever you are by clicking here on your device or listen below.

Are you ‘Holding The Fire’ for MarthaGunn? If so, get some great goodies and preorder the album here! Tell us what you think about the tracks so far! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or share your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram.

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