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It’s New Music Friday Time Once Again

It’s New Music Friday Time Once Again

Finally! It’s our favorite time of the week, Friday! That means that we have so much new music to check out, from some of our favorites and some artists we’re just discovering! That has been our favorite part of these articles, finding new artists to add to our ever-growing playlists.

We hope you fall as in love with these tracks as we have!

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Jamie Lee Harrison – ‘Say It Out Loud’
Image Source: We Plug Good Music PR

Stream ‘Say It Out Loud’ here!

After hearing what an insane voice Jamie Lee Harrison has, we are beyond salty he didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent. ‘Say It Out Loud’ is the perfect modern pop song, it mixes the sound you’d hear on the radio with a few hyper pop moments thrown in. We could listen to this song on repeat forevermore.

Bailey Baum – ‘Bad For Me’
Image Source: Next Wave Records

Stream ‘Bad For Me’ here!

This is exactly the track we were looking for to add to our playlists. ‘Bad For Me’ so realistically takes you through the emotions we feel right after a breakup. Knowing your partner is bad for you, but it’s still hurting catastrophically. This track is a glimpse at what we can look forward to from her EP Over It, which will be out on July 30.

Brittney Spencer – ‘Sober & Skinny’
Image Source: Shore Fire Media

Stream ‘Sober & Skinny’ here!

You know we had to throw a bit of country into this new music Friday article. This song is Brittney Spencer laying out that if someone expects her to be skinny, they need to get sober. We love that energy and the entire message of the track. We can see ourselves singing along all too loud to this one.

Caroline Romano – ‘PDA of the Mainstream’
Image Source: Caroline Romano via Instagram

Stream ‘PDA of the Mainstream’ here!

This is Caroline Romano’s message to the machine that is social media and the entertainment industry. The track itself is giving us all the pop-punk vibes and we can’t get enough of it. We love seeing artists calling out how toxic everything online can be instead of just sitting still and dealing with it.

Alice Gray – ‘Double Decker’
Image Source AYITA music

Stream ‘Double Decker’ here!

Okay, this new music Friday just got kicked up to a whole other level with this track as it is pure summer-pop perfection, we will be driving with the wind in our hair and sun on our faces blasting this track. It’s moody and just the best vibe. If you haven’t checked out Alice Gray, do so immediately.

Louis Baker – Love Levitates
Image Source: Louis Baker via Instagram

Stream Love Levitates here!

What an EP! Louis has such a powerful voice, it is showcased so beautifully throughout the record. Our favorite track would have to be the opener, ‘Brighter Day.’ If we’re ever on a tropical vacation, this will be the song we’re playing.

IRENE – ‘Boundaries’
Image Source: We Plug Good Music PR

Stream ‘Boundaries’ here!

What a haunting, ethereal track. We hadn’t checked out IRENE before, but now we’re doing a deep-dive immediately. IRENE is such a unique artist, we can’t think of anyone else in the industry who has a tone quite like hers.

Becky Hill featuring. David Guetta – ‘Remember’
Image Source: Universal Music Group

Stream ‘Remember’ here!

If David Guetta is on the track, you know it’s about to be a blast in a glass. This track is a straight-up good time and it’s going to be the soundtrack to every party we have this summer. We’re hoping Becky Hill will put out more summer jams for us!

boyband – ‘birth by sleep’
Image Source: Dirty Hit

Stream ‘birth by sleep’ here!

If you’re a fan of artists like Post Malone and Blackbear, you’ll love boyband. We’d describe boyband’s sound as dark-pop, which of course we love so much. Anytime we’re looking for music to vibe to, this will be a song we turn on.

Shea Diamond – ‘Smile’
Image Source: BB Gun Press

Stream ‘Smile’ here!

Happy pride month guys, and gals, and non-binary pals. Shea Diamond has released an absolute feel-good pride anthem. We can’t help but ‘Smile’ with every listen to this track as it’s so infectious.

See Also

JESSIA – ‘I Should Quit’
Image Source: Universal Music

Stream ‘I Should Quit’ here!

This track is easily our favorite from JESSIA’s discography, it’s no surprise it comes along with a killer music video. We love the home video feel the video has. It’s rare a video exactly matches the vibe of the song, but we should have known that JESSIA would nail it.

Band Of Silver – Here For A Good Time
Image Source: Band Of Silver via Twitter

Stream Here For A Good Time here!

This is a masterclass on how to make the most incredible title track. We have loved everything we had heard from this EP so far. It’s only fitting we’d love this song just as much. We’re always on the hunt for the best of what’s new in pop-punk, and we’ve found it with Band Of Silver.

Steve Aoki x GATTÜSO x Aukoustics featuring. MKLA – ‘Losing My Religion’
Image Source: Dim Mak

Stream ‘Losing My Religion’ here!

We’re always down for a solid EDM track, and Steve Aoki never misses. It’s time to hit up EDC in Las Vegas and just have the absolute time of our lives with this song at the loudest volume in the background.

Rikki Valentina – Daddy’s Girl
Image Source: Rikki Valentina via Facebook

Stream Daddy’s Girl here!

This is the EP straight out of our 90s dreams! This sound has been drastically missing from modern-pop music, and now it’s here! We will be playing it on repeat pretty much non-stop!

We’d love to hear from you! What is your favorite song on our New Music Friday breakdown? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings For The Honey POP!

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