Neoni Takes On Our Manufactured Lives With ‘Machine’

Neoni Takes On Our Manufactured Lives With ‘Machine’

Our destiny is all set up! Though, we can change it and be ready to go to war with our self-esteem and the people who control what we do. How? Listen to this new installment ‘Machine,’ from Nashville-based sisters Neoni.

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Fear and ‘Paranoia’

What do we love about Neoni? Their fierce songwriting and storytelling! On ‘Machine,’ the sister duet battles with ecstatic sounds. With ethereal and honest vocals, we seriously think they could become the new Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, or the new melodic dance queens like Clairo. What does it take for Neoni to make these clear bangers? Powder some dark lyrics here and there. It only takes a few to create a chilly mood. Listen to their previous track ‘Paranoia’ before we skip to the main menu!

We think that things should be done the way they’ve always been done because it’s always worked because the outcome is predictable. MACHINE is about dismantling all of that. Every time someone steps out and does their own thing it proves that the “MACHINE” doesn’t have to own us. We don’t all have to be pumped out to do things the same way, to make the same decisions, to say the same things, to live the same life.

Neoni explains about the creation of ‘Machine’
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Break The ‘Machine’

We’re zombies marching to the grave / Why’s no one raging,” sings Neoni in the first verse. ‘Machine’ is that song that expresses how different is sometimes to be seen as being an outcast. Everything is programmed. If you go another way, people will perceive you weirdly. Through the warped electronic soundscape, the duet engulfs the listener in mysteriousness. The bass floats into a raging melody, ready to shatter everything. Like NUXXS emotionally charged melodies, feel the drum beats and tap your feet.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Neoni via Facebook

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