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We Wanna Stay Super Late with DE’WAYNE’s ‘Super 8’

We Wanna Stay Super Late with DE’WAYNE’s ‘Super 8’

DE’WAYNE is back here with the amazing new single ‘Super 8.’ The track was released a couple of days before his debut album STAINS. We are looking forward to listening to this album as the single already does a breathtaking job of showcasing DE’WAYNE’s talent! No seriously, since we heard the track, we can’t help but eat, sleep and breathe ‘Super 8.’

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Oh, the language of music. As constant music lovers, we understand how music can help with the expression of oneself. And DE’WAYNE shows us that these expressions can come in different ways. One of them being too literal, where the lyrics are just like that; clear and to the point, no rodeos involved. He explained, “I was too nervous to come out and ask, so I wrote my girl a song about it and here we are playing it out in this video.”

In the music video, we see him singing and his partner posing to the camera while acting around him. Throughout the video, the scene cuts to him singing in all-black attire and then focuses back on his partner. While he doesn’t exactly act out the lyrics of the song, DE’WAYNE smoothly gives a nod to them.

Other songs from DE’WAYNE that we love!

On his debut album STAINS, alongside ‘Super 8,’ he included the already released tracks ‘Walking To Work,’ ‘Stains,’ ‘I Know Something,’ ‘National Anthem,’ and ‘Perfume’ featuring Awsten Knight of Waterparks. Each track gives us more and more insight into what DE’WAYNE is thinking and brings us completely different vibes to the other, making us be on the edge of our seats.

‘Super 8’ is a clear bop, we can’t keep it out of our minds. DE’WAYNE demonstrates his artistry with a wide variety of songs on his debut album. And this track was the perfect one to makes us eager to listen to the full album better than ever. In a few words, ‘Super 8’ is the summer song that we had been waiting for.

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