You Can Literally Own A Piece Of The e.l.f. Cosmetics Legacy

You Can Literally Own A Piece Of The e.l.f. Cosmetics Legacy

e.l.f. Cosmetics is hopping on the cryptocurrency train with their new limited edition, dipped in digital gold #CryptoCosmetics NFT Collection. Three of e.l.f.’s best-selling makeup products — Poreless Putty Primer, 16HR Camo Concealer and Ride or Die Lip Balm — have been dipped in digital gold and are going completely crypto. They’re cleverly calling each of their NFTs an “Ne.l.f.T” and it’s adorable.

But what the e.l.f. is an Ne.l.f.T?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a photo, video, gif, or any other type of digital file you can store on a blockchain, aka a digital ledger. It’s a completely unique certified digital asset that can never be duplicated or be interchangeable. With NFTs you can own a one-of-a-kind digital token, like the first tweet from the founder of Twitter. And while you can’t sponge it onto your face, you can now own an animated representation of your favorite e.l.f. product! Each NFT you buy comes with a certificate of authenticity and ownership, giving you bragging rights for the rest of your life.

Here are the Ne.l.f.Ts up for sale:

Video Source: e.l.f. on Bitski
  • Golden Poreless Putty Primer Dime: the ultimate skin perfecting primer for all skin types
  • 1600 Hour Golden Camo Concealer: a full-coverage moisturizing liquid concealer
  • Golden Ride or Die Lip Balm: an intensely hydrating tinted lip balm

Technical language aside, they’re all really pretty. Can you stan an NFT?

Each Ne.l.f.T costs the same as their physical counterpart, so they range from $5-$9. Only nine Ne.l.f.Ts are up for sale, three of each, so you gotta be quick if you want to own part of the e.l.f. legacy forever.

Video Source: Business Wire

As some of you may know, e.l.f. is a cruelty-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan cosmetics company (which is awesome!). In keeping with their accessibility and inclusivity standards, e.l.f. decided to partner with Bitski and Aerial to distribute their Ne.l.f.Ts. Bitski and Aerial is a crypto sustainability platform that tracks emissions and reduces carbon footprints across NFTs. They then use this data to offset the carbon footprint of the initial transaction and to make it overall carbon negative (which is also awesome!).

All nine collectibles went on sale on Bitski at 11:00am PDT today!

Still Confused?

Don’t fret! An explanatory video on NFTs is available on e.l.f.’s social media platforms, and TikTok channel, @elfyeah, so go check that out!

What do you think of #CryptoCosmetics? Getting any? Tell us by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP or commenting down below.


Featured Image Source: E.l.f. Cosmetics Official Website

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